Everyone is always so obsessed with losing weight and living up to the ‘size zero’ image that we often forget there are an almost equal number of people who want to gain weight too. The only overlapping factor that combines these two sets of people is their desire to obtain a natural, balanced body weight. Gaining weight seems like an easy thing, doesn’t it? Just keep eating all the time without thinking twice before you indulge in those chocolate chip cookies or double cheese pizzas. Absolutely not! Weight gain, if not monitored, can result in a variety of health risks. The best way to avoid this complication is to attempt and gain weight naturally. Here we list ten simple ways to do so:

10. Bananas:

Eat loads and loads of bananas. Bananas are well endowed with calories as also important nutrients like carbohydrates and potassium. Many experts suggest eating bananas after every meal, especially early in the morning with a glass of sugared milk because they are a long-lasting source of energy. With more than hundred calories in an average sized banana, they are one of the healthiest options when it comes to gaining weight naturally.


9. Potatoes:

For the same reason that many people exclude potatoes completely from the diet in order to lose weight, those aspiring to gain weight must include potatoes in their daily food routine. Potatoes are replete with starch and carbohydrates, fibre and Vitamin C. If you really want to absorb the nutrients along with the calories, make sure that you eat potatoes with their outer skin intact. While French Fries and Potato Wedges (or chips) are a rather unhealthy option, virgin olive oil can be used to reduce the effect. Another alternative is eating baked or grilled potatoes with a dab of butter. Potato salads with high-calorie sauces like mayonnaise may also be a delicious snack to gain weight!


8. Cheese:

This is a brilliant way to gain weight and excessively delicious too! Cheese is an ingredient that can be practically added to almost everything, be it a salad, a pizza or even a sandwich or burger. While many would argue that cheese is unhealthy, it is in fact, extremely nutritious and rich in all those nutrients that milk products contain. It contains healthy fat which is the basic requirement of all those aspiring to gain weight naturally. Since it is made from concentrated milk, a single serving is enough to provide ample amount of calcium and protein as well. Besides, it comes in a wide range of varieties.


7. Eggs:

This is an ingredient common to both who are aspiring to either gain or lose weight.  It is especially good for gaining weight because it contains protein, fat and good cholesterol. Egg whites are important sources of muscular, good fat and egg yolk must also be avoided to prevent bad cholesterol problems. It will do you good to incorporate scrambled eggs or egg white omelettes in to your daily diet charts. Also, they are endowed with great amounts of Vitamin A, D and E.


6. Avocados:

Avocados are the healthiest source of fat for your heart. With approximately one hundred and forty calories in each serving, they are such foods that make it easy for you to gain weight simply. They can easily be incorporated into any kind of recipes, be it as a salad or along with chicken or meat. It can also be combined with bread and seasoned with salt and pepper to make tastier. They allow you to bulk up not only weight and mass but also on Vitamin E, folic acid and of course, potassium.


5. Nuts and dried fruits:

Peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, figs and so many other dried fruits and nuts are major foods that help gain weight. Apart from the healthy minerals and vitamins, they also provide you with fat and fibre that enables you to put on those much needed kilos easily and effectively. As compared to fresh fruits, dried ones retain much more calories and take more time to fill you up. As such, it does not lessen your appetite and allows you to gain weight without feeling full or nauseous due to overeating. You can also make a milkshake by adding few almonds, enough dates and figs and consume this almost daily for desired results.



4. Whole Milk:

Just as those wanting to lose weight switch over to low-fat skimmed milk, it is as easy for those wanting to gain weight to switch back to completely natural, high cream, whole fat milk. Milk is extremely essential for daily survival-be it early in the morning or before going to bed, whether in tea, coffee or any other beverage, milk is the one dairy product that we cannot live without. As such, it is easy to gain weight by making the above mentioned switch. Every serving will then have approximately sixty calories more and still provide you with ample healthy fats.

whole milk

3. Peanut Butter:

This is the tastiest on this list, next only to cheese for most people. It is also one of the easiest in application and availability. Eating a sandwich? Add a spoon of peanut butter. Enjoying a salad? Make it tastier by garnishing with peanut butter. Another reason why peanut butter is a brilliant option is the fact that each serving contains around two hundred calories and gives your body a protein boost that can be spent constructively. This is indeed going to be the magical ingredient that makes you gain weight as fast as thunder!

Peanut Butter On Bread With Peanuts

2. Noodles and Pasta:

These are especially advised for bachelors, spinsters, or those who live alone or in hostels. This is because ready to make pasta and noodles are easy to cook and filled with calories along with a succulent taste. I am sure you are wondering how noodles and pasta can feature on a list that is telling you how to gain weight in a healthy manner. The reason is that both these food items are endowed with carbohydrates and can be easily combined with protein rich meat and vegetables. Thick sauces such as mayonnaise or barbecue sauce can add to the calories besides spicing up the taste.


  1. Whole grains:

When we mention whole grains, we basically mean food stuff like oat meal, cereals, brown rice, wheat and so on, which are the completely full of nourishing components. Such complex carbohydrates serve as a healthy and filling breakfast because they are rich in fibre too. Brown rice can be cooked in whole milk and a dab of butter, cheese, or ghee can be added to it. As far as oatmeal is concerned, people generally believe that it is essentially a weight loss food. However, when combine with whole milk and made delicious with honey or sugar and a handful of dried fruits and nuts, it serves as a high-calorie meal item.

whole grain

When the question arises of how to gain weight in a healthy manner, there is only a single valid answer-do so naturally through the use of healthy fats. Otherwise, you are bound to involve yourself in severe health complications that may later have uncalled for repercussions. This is why it is important to monitor every meal that you take and every calorie that you consume. Fear not! Because we just simplified it for you!