Scarves are one of those must have clothing accessories that can transform any casual look. It is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can have in your closet. They can be worn majorly during winter and during the fall season, even more so, for outings and picnics. Only if you know a few cool ways to use this beautiful piece of cloth! Well, read on!

10. The Infinity Loop

One of the most known and perhaps the most versatile ways of wearing a scarf!


How to-

  1. Begin by tying the ends of the scarf together to make a big loop.
  2. Put this loop around your neck, make sure the knot is behind your neck and not in front.
  3. Now twist the scarf from the bottom of the loop and layer it over the knot.

Now there can be many ways in which you can wear this loop. Either, you can pull one loop lower or you can cover your head with one of the loops.



9. Braided Scarf


This one is a little complicated scarf style, but it looks fabulous and classy. You can braid a light, preferably plain scarf for a better look. In general, the braid comes out more nicely with light colors.

How to-

  1. Take the scarf and put it around your neck.
  2. Tie a lose half simple knot.
  3. Now, take one end, let’s say the right one. Take the right end and cross it over the left, then pull it under the scarf loop and over.
  4. Now the left end becomes the right. Take this right and again, cross it over the left, then pull it under the scarf loop and over.
  5. Repeat until the ends are too short to put under the loop.

Pull and loosen the braid and then knot the short end pieces together.

8. The Bow



This celebrity look is so easy that you will almost want to wear your scarf this way, everyday! The big bow around your neck will definitely add to your glam look.

How to-

  1. Hang the scarf around your neck, and keep one side significantly longer than the other.
  2. Now, take the longer side and fold it upwards to make a loop. Try to hide the end of the scarf. This loop will decide how big your bow will be.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the loop, hold it in the middle. You will see a bow shape emerging.
  4. Take the other end, wrap it around the bow and pull it through the middle.
  5. Pull the end from the other side to tighten it and adjust the bow.

The result is pretty damn cute!

7. The Turtle Neck

1563409_Torsdag d. 11.08.11

This scarf style is indeed, perfect for winters, when you just want to cover your neck. As the name suggests, this is a high neck turtle style wrap.

How to- 

This one is super easy.

  1. Put the scarf around your neck such that, one end is very short (ends just below your shoulder).
  2. Now, take the other end and loosely wrap it around your neck 2-3 times, until it becomes just as short as the first one.
  3. Tie a small knot to secure both the ends and conceal it under the turtle neck.

6. A Braided Knot

This style works with most necklines and with your hair both up or down.


How to-

  1. Fold the scarf in half, lengthwise.
  2. Put it around your neck, adjust both ends and keep the non-folded end a little longer than the folded end.
  3. Take the folded end, insert two fingers and twist it.
  4. Now grab the non-folded end with the two fingers and pull it through the twist.
  5. Now, twist again and pull through from the other side, again.

5. Wear it as a Boho Headband


Tired and bored of wearing your scarf around your neck everyday? Don’t worry, your pretty scarf is more versatile than that. The trending bohemian headbands can easily be recreated with any short and thin scarf. This light and causal look is perfect for summer.

How to-

You will need a short, square scarf for this one. If you have a longer one, try folding it into a square-like shape.

  1.  Lay your scarf on a flat surface.
  2. Take one corner and diagonally fold it over the opposite corner.
  3. Now fold this corner inwards, to form a trapezoidal shape. You may fold it twice or thrice depending on how wide you want your headband to be.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with the width, take the scarf and wrap it around your head, with the ends towards the front.
  5. When everything is in place, tie a knot in the front and tuck the ends to the opposite sides.

4.  The Waterfall


This is a super easy style and works very well with jackets and blazers.

How to-

  1. Put the scarf over your shoulder; keep one end significantly longer than the other.
  2. Loop the longer end around your neck one time.
  3.  Now take the same end, and pull it’s corner up again to the back of your neck.
  4. Secure the end by pulling it through the loop once.

3. The Love Knot


Remember how a love knot looks like? You must have seen it in necklaces and if not, keep calm because this scarf tie looks exactly like it!

How to-

  1. Wrap the scarf behind your neck.
  2. Take one end and wrap it around your hand.
  3. Pull it through (the same end) to make a loose knot.
  4. Take the other end and pull it through the middle of this knot as well.
  5. Tighten the knot as much as you like.

Pull out and loosen the scarf to give it some volume.

2. Wrap it around your Top Knot


Scarves are great for accessorizing a messy bun. It adds a cool casual vibe to the look. Short scarves are best suited for this style.

How to-

  1. Take a scarf and fold it diagonally.
  2. Now, take the center of this triangular fold, and fold it inwards repeatedly.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the width of the scarf band, wrap it around the hair bun with the end pointing upwards in the front.
  4. Cross the ends and take them to the back of your head.
  5. Tie a knot and secure the ends by tucking them in.

1. The French Knot


This classic and fun tie looks really cool with knitted scarves. This looks all knotty and complicated but is super easy.

How to-

  1. Wrap the scarf around your neck, to make a simple loose loop, hanging in the front.
  2. Twist the loop in the middle.
  3. Now take one end, let’s take the right first. Take the right end, and pull it over and under through this twisted loop.
  4. Now take the other end, and pull that under and over, through the same loop.
  5. Adjust both ends to balance out the scarf.

There are a million more ways in which you can use your scarf to amp up your look. These were some trendy and easy styles which work with almost all necklines and dresses. Well, that’s a wrap!