Your closet has seen trends come and go, but the basics will always stay in style. There are somethings in your closet, or soon to be, which can always be paired with one or the other thing without ever going out of fashion. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just curating looks for the rest of the year, you can rest assured that these key pieces will never go out of style or lose their street-chic appeal. These are the building blocks to the perfect wardrobe.

Check whether you have these wardrobe essentials!

10. The Perfect Blazer


You definitely need a nice fitted blazer in your wardrobe because you can use it as a corporate attire, a cool day time look with some boyfriend jeans on, or even dress it up. Blazers although, can be a little hard to find because of the fitting issues, but if you do come across a blazer that fits you well and is a good color that complements your skin tone, grab it. It’s worth the money. If you, however, are unable to find it in stores, consider getting a blazer tailored. Black would be the best choice to go for, other than that navy blue and shades of grey work well too.

9. The Black Dress


The black dress should come as no surprise in this list, it’s a timeless classic piece. When it comes to having an outfit that you can wear almost any wear, a little black dress is a no-brainer. Every women should have at least one elegant black dress, with a perfect fit that wraps her curves seamlessly. You can wear it to night outs, dinners or even classy parties, black is always in. Find a dress that fits you well and make sure you choose a comfortable length.

8. Plain And Striped T-shirts


A plain black or white t-shirt might come up as something boring and dull, but, this is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. A crewneck cut is a no-brainer, but V-neck style is a little sexier and the perfect canvas for layering necklaces. Striped shirts or t-shirts are also a cool wear to put on with a pair of boyfriend jeans for a casual day time look, or you can even pair it up with a pencil skirt for a fun night out. They are a staple and will suit you well in your budget.

7. A Pair Of Dark Wash Jeans


If you own one pair of denim, make it a dark-wash. Not only are they super slimming (no matter the silhouette), they also work for a wider range of events than other washes. Fit and wash are everything here. Try going for a high waist style that will give an illusion of longer legs. Also, the blue wash color of these jeans makes them universal and give you a trimmed look. Make sure they fit you nicely, get the length altered to suit you well.

6. A Classic Leather Jacket


You can wear this literally everywhere. A leather jacket never goes out of style. From day time to night time looks, it can add an edge to any outfit. Also, fine leather can almost be worn throughout the year So, investing in one of these is not such a bad idea. You can throw this over a simple pair of jeans or even pair it with a pencil skirt.

Tip: Avoid buying cheap leather material, as it is something that can ruin your whole outfit. Leather jackets might cost you a little over, but they are worth it. Buying fake ones will only make the whole outfit look cheaper.

5. Ballet Flats


When you need a break from your heels, these serve as the ideal substitute. This functional footwear style is just at home with a pair of tailored trousers as it is with a floral sundress. These flats just give any look a classy feminine touch. Colors like nude, black, red or some prints can easily be paired with different outfits. They are super comfortable and appropriate for shopping or going out with your friends, ballet flats are chic and will always add cuteness to the overall look.

4. Classic Black Pants


Again, you cannot go wrong with something this classic, these plain black, well fitted pants can make you feel super confident and dressed up. It’s a chic alternative to jeans when you need something little more formal.

3. A Staple White Shirt


A crisp white shirt is definitely a must have. With endless options for how to wear it, consider the classic white shirt your wardrobe’s pinch hitter. This simple shirt can easily be paired with anything, literally anything! You can wear it with pants or skirts. It just adds a crisp polish to both your work and off-duty uniform. In fact, one can be very adventurous with a simple white shirt. You can create a cool summer look by tying it around the waist and, black and white never feels same-old, same-old when you add a shot of bright color, such as a yellow car coat.

2. A Pair Of Classy Heels


Flats may have had a major revival this year, but there’s no escaping that heels are still a strong must-have. They work perfect for work with a wrap dress, sheath, suit or trousers. Pointed toes tend to elongate your leg, but either will do depending upon your outfit. When it comes to shoes, black pumps are perhaps the most reliable and versatile option. At once sophisticated and sexy, they’re perfectly suited for almost any outfit and occasion. And nude pumps! either with jeans or a dress of any color this is the pump you want to make sure you have in your closet.

1. A Sleek Handbag


A sleek, colorful purse will complement neutrals, brights, or pastels. Just don’t match it with clothing in the exact same shade. If you don’t like it too bright, it’s better to have at least one black and one white purse in your closet. Since, black and white are universally flattering and neutral colors, they can be paired with any outfit. Other than that, if you want a bag that is a little more colorful, try going for red, red color is very edgy in itself, so if you wear a dull or neural color, red will definitely amp up the overall look.

Now, there are probably a thousand more things which a girl might absolutely want to have in her closet. These are just a few must haves, and if you’re starting on building a wardrobe for yourself, you can definitely start with these and add new pieces along the way.