Is your child insisting, to set off to a grand overnight summer camp adventure? Kids often get addicted about all the stories they hear about camping. The hike through mountains, the shenanigans, the daring high ropes, the canoeing and munching on the barbeque sitting around the campfire, all these attracts your child. Now, all these stories are truths mixed with a lot of hypothecations. But, that doesn’t mean that summer camp are all boring lecture classes. No. Here, in this article, we will discuss about 11 best summer camp activities for kids, which your little ones will love.

Outdoor Word Games

Knowing about different English words, is highly beneficial for a child, who has just started going to school. Knowing new words will help him/her out in school, and will also increase his/her vocabulary. Make a big square, and scramble the letters in places. Tell the kids to make out meaningful words out of it. This activity will help the children create a sense of forming words.

Spray Painting

Who doesn’t love painting? Painting is hugely popular among kids, and spray painting makes it to the top of the painting list. For this, gather some spray cans, and have some white paper or clean clothes, so that the children can draw on them. A canvas is always welcome.

The Maze

Make a maze with a bunch of toilet paper or from a string of any paper, and ask a child to go through it to the other side. Maze actually helps a kid to make decisions based on future preferences. This enables a child to use his/her intelligence to go through it, which is highly necessary for a kid.

Art and Craft

Give them a whole lot of cardboards or canvas paper, so that they can draw something or make something productive out of the cardboard given to them. This will help the child remain preoccupied and productive.

Outdoor Games

Arrange a tournament for them, where they can take part in various outdoor games like athletics, running, cycling etc.

Parachute Game

Rent or buy a huge parachute and throw some balls in to it, and instruct 6 or 7 of the children to balance the balls in it.

Tug of War

This is not the dangerous game that adults play, but this is a much safer version of it. The rope is also children friendly, but there’s still some risk attached to this game.

Leaf Crown

Making crowns out of assorted leaves. This is one of the best fun summer camp activity for a child, where they make leaf crowns for each other.

Making a Compass

Making a directional compass is really easy, and it needs just a bowl of water, pins and needles, paper, a cork and a foam, and voila, you can make a simple directional compass.

Crayon Rubbing Art

Give the children a set of crayons, and a paper, and let their creativity flow out. Do not involve a competition in it, and let their creativity just flow out in the papers provided to them.

Stick Art

Give each and every one of them a set of matchsticks, and let them play around with it. Let them make interesting figures and crafts from the matchsticks, but make sure not to give them the burn paper.


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