We all have spent hours practising the perfect wing, haven’t we?

No doubt, an eyeliner is one of the key elements of makeup, whether you’re going for a bold make up look or just a simple oneEyeliners just highlight your eye, making them look bigger and more awake. But the thing is, and we all know, getting the perfect wing on, can be a tiring and time consuming task. Moreover, if you screw on side up, you have to go back to do the whole eye makeup again. That’s just unacceptable! Makeup can be hard, which is why we all need some genius eyeliner hacks in our lives. So here are some great tips and tricks that can make you go from clumsy to classy in a few minutes!

Know the basics!

Before trying to perfect the art of winging, you must understand what type and color of eyeliner you should go for. Here are three categories-


Gel liners are matte and opaque. Yes! These are supposedly the best ones, but only when you have a steady hand. Gel liners glide easily and are applied using a brush.


These are definitely the easiest to go for, if you’re a beginner. They are easy to apply, but sometimes don’t spread as smoothly or thickly as the gel ones. But, you can build them up easily.


Liquid liners demand high precision and a steady hand. If you’re a beginner, try going for pen liner for convenient application. They take a minute to dry.

12 Genius Hacks You Should Know

12. Make Your Own Gel Liner


It’s safe to say that this one has become an age old trick now. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best eyeliner hacks you’ll see. Gel liners are generally costlier than pencil liners. Plus, the color range that pencil liners provide us with is very wide. So, if one could use a pencil liner as a gel, why not! All you have to do is heat the tip of your favorite kohl or colored liner until it becomes a little soft. Use this soft tip to line your eyes. You will see that it gives a matte and more opaque pigment.

11. Connect The Dots or Make An Outline


After all, none of us can perfect the liner in a day. Directly going for the wing or the flick might cause you troubles. So, it’s definitely better to have an outline of how fierce you want your liner to be. By simply putting dots around your lash line, you can get a pretty good idea of where you want your line to start and end. Then if you’re not satisfied with the shape of it, you can easily rub some small dots off without ruining the rest of your face. Other than that, if you’re going for a cat eye, it is always better to draw an outline and then to fill it in. This helps you to avoid widening the line while you attempt to correct your liner. If you know what I mean!

10. Clear Tape For The Perfect Cat Eye


Even if you have got one eye lined perfectly, what’s the guarantee that you’ll be able to replicate this perfection on the other eye too? Happens with most of us, right? Moreover, when trying out the cat eye look, sharpness of the wing matters! Clear tape is the perfect solution to it. Using clear tape to create a stencil for your eye can help you achieve great cat eyes, yes, both eyes with perfection. Simply putting clear tape under and over your eye lids and filling them with the liner can help you avoid the smudge and gives you that edgy and shark look.

9. Revive Your Eye Liner Using Eye Drops

maxresdefault (3)

Often liners start becoming clumpy due to moisture and other atmospheric conditions. If your liner has not reached its expiry date, there is no need to toss it into a dustbin just yet. If you feel that your liner has become too thick or clumpy, just add a few drops of eye drops to it and mix using a toothpick or the application wand itself. Don’t pour in the eye drops excessively as it may make your liner runny or may also reduce its pigmentation.

Tip: You can also use gel foundation primer for gel eye liners.

8. Use Different Color To Alter Your Personality


Yes, using different colors or even different tones of the same color can drastically affect the way your eyes look. If you have been using only pitch black liners till now, we suggest to experiment. Different colors can help you create smoky, glittery, softer and glamorous looks. For example, when you use white eyeliner on your lower water line, it can make your eyes look bigger, and when you use brown liners, they can make your look more smoky and subtle. Similarly, you can experiment with colors like navy blue, red or pink to create a more trendy and outgoing looks.

7. Set Your Liner To Make It Last Longer


Like all the other make up elements, even eyeliners tend to fade and slip away after a few hours. Mostly using a waterproof and smudge proof eyeliner will do enough to make them stay longer. But still, if you want to make your eyeliner look more matte and stay in place for a longer period, simply pat some eye shadow over it. You can also use some translucent powder and dust it off later.

Tip: You can even make your custom eyeliner by taking a wet eyeliner brush and rubbing it into your favorite eye shadow to use it as a liner.

6. Liner Under The Lashes For A Dense Look


It’s a simple trick. When you put a line under the upper lash line, it gives your lashes a body at the bottom. With a thicker base, your eyelashes look denser. This is also called tightlining. If you feel that your eyeliner looks a little too intense on your face, try this. Tightlining helps in blending out the white space under your lash line with the liner or eye shadow and gives a smoother transition.

5. Use A Business Card

business card Eye liner tricks

Okay, this can be called a serious business! Well you must have hundreds of business cards lying around. Come on, grab one and use it. Business cards are a great way to get that sharp and perfect wing without messing the rest of your makeup. Just put one end of the card under your lower lash line and angle it according to your choice. Once you’re satisfied, just draw a line using the card as a ruler. Then, just line the rest of your eye as usual and connect it to the wing you just created.

4. Use Glitter Liners To Transform A Look

maxresdefault (4)

Glitter can add the oomph look to anything. If you don’t like wearing heavy eye shadows, you can easily amp up your look with some glitter on your liner. Take a liner brush and spritz some makeup spray over it, now dab this brush in some glitter pigment and gently trace over the liner with it. Remember to not drag the brush, in order to avoid fall outs.

3. Smudge For A Natural Look


If you don’t like sharp and bold eyeliner looks and you want to keep it simple and natural looking, here’s the trick for you. When you apply a liner, whether a gel one or a pencil one, after applying the liner, take another brush and gently blend the liner. This will make it smudgy, leaving no sharp lines. Other than that, for softer looks, an ashy brown liner works on all eye colors and shapes, and is less harsh than black.

2. Line And Curl At The Same Time


This cheat will surely make your life easier. What better than curling and lining at the same time! It’s super easy and can never go wrong. All you have to do is, line your curler. Line your curler with your eyeliner and then use it to curl your lashes. This will even help you tightlining and make your lashes look denser.

1.  Freeze Your Eyeliner To Make It Less Crumbly


Sometimes, in winters, due to moisture, your eyeliner might start becoming crumbly. A crumbly eyeliner is no less than a nightmare: the fall outs! The fall outs from your liners can easily ruin the rest of your makeup. To prevent this situation, all you need to do is, put your eyeliner in the freezer for 10 minutes prior to the application. This will help it regain its texture. And no fall outs!

Eyeliners can be as simple and as tricky as you want them to be. The key to a great eye look is to know where to stop. Always buy products of good quality, they will last longer and you won’t have to retouch a hundred times. Keep these simple tricks in mind and wing it!