Good hearing is a human’s biggest blessing, which is why even the thought of hearing loss becomes frightening.  Not being able to hear or respond to the sounds around you, not being able to understand people’s conversation or participate in it can be extremely depressing.

Usually, it is believed that old aged people encounter this problem. In fact, it is one of the most prevalent conditions among seniors other than arthritis and hypertension. But today, even young adults and infants are not an exception. Researchers have noted significant increase in hearing problems for children that has happened as a result of constant noise exposure.

Hearing loss is spanning the generations. It can happen to anyone irrespective of age and gender. However, the good news is that it is treatable in the majority of cases and an individual’s clear hearing can be restored.

Recognizing a hearing loss is difficult, especially when you don’t know how a healthy ear should hear. Hence, you should notice the following symptoms before going for a hearing test:

  • Struggling to understand what people say

While it is quite natural to ask someone to repeat themselves, doing it on a regular basis to everyone around can be clear sign of hearing loss. There can be difficulty in perceiving high-pitched voices of women and children or conversations seem muffled. The sounds may appear as if people are mumbling and certainly affects you and the other members of your family. So, for betterment of your life, you should immediately see the specialist.

  • Turning up the sounds of television/radio frequently

This sign is an easy one to spot. If you are cranking up the volume of TV or radio more than too often and people around you are complaining for it, this is a clear tell-tale sign of your hearing loss problem. If it’s just an occasional occurrence, it may a broadcast issue. But if it is happening on a daily basis then it may not be the issue with the TV or radio, but an indication that you have a problem with your ears. Also, be warned if the teens in your home are doing the same. They may use their gadgets on loud music because they like to but excessive loud music can cause a loss in hearing to them as well.

  • Ringing sensation in the ears

Having a ringing sound in your ears after prolonged exposure to loud noises can be an indicator of hearing loss. The situation becomes worrisome when the ringing doesn’t go away after some time. As per expert studies, thousands of seniors experience such a sensation. This condition (referred to as Tinnitus) can happen in kids, teens, or young adults too. Pain in the ears and difficulty in hearing are other warning signs that require them to take for a hearing test.