Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is used to support and elevate workers and material where some construction or repair related work is going on. It is in use from the early fifth century. Initially, Egyptians and Chinese used these structures to erect the tall buildings, but in present days also they are used for commercial and industrial applications.


Now, let us have a look at what are the activities that require scaffolding.


  1. Construction – Whether the construction project is going on at a large scale, or small scale, every project require scaffolding. It is crucial as it lets workers perform their work on elevated platforms safely. According to a survey, it was found that almost 65% of workers in the construction industry make use of scaffolds to do their work.

Different types of scaffolding that are used in construction are given below:


  • Supported scaffolding –It consists of a sturdy base made from brackets, poles, and frames to support work platforms.
  • Rolling scaffolding –In this, wheels are installed at the base to move the scaffolding.
  • Suspended scaffolding –In this, the scaffolding is suspended from the roof, because of the impossibility of using supported scaffolding.


  1. Painting and Decoration – Many professional painters make use of scaffolding when painting at substantial heights. It keeps them safe and provides a secure working platform.


With the usage of scaffolding, they can easily place and use their tools and equipment as they work. Also, they move around the building with ease and have safe access to all areas of the building.


  1. Repairs and Renovations – Regular repairs and renovations are conducted to ensure that the building is safe, have structural integrity, and is in its highly maintained state. Further, when talking about historic buildings, structures and landmarks, repairs and renovations become even more crucial to preserve the culture and their identity.


Buildings rarely demolish, but they can if they are hundreds of years old. And to make sure that the historic ones don’t collapse at any cost, their reconstruction becomes necessary. For their reconstruction, scaffolding is crucial. However, make sure that the scaffolding that is being used for tall buildings is highly safe and is made of quality material only.


  1. Events –Scaffolding is also used by the entertainment industry when organising large scale events. From setting stages for concerts and live events to sound and light systems, scaffolding is used for several applications. Since scaffoldings are modular in their design as well as use, they can be built for almost any project specification.


Lastly, only trained professionals should supervise the construction and dismantling of scaffolding to comply with safety rules and regulations. There might be a number of companies available in your area who provide scaffolding rental services but make sure that the company you choose for your purpose have a proven track record of success and safety.