The wedding is a special day for any couple. Friends, relatives, flowers, candles, good food – all of these are just the staple of weddings. But this traditional style of wedding is slowly but steadily evolving. Standard style buffets are giving way to personal celebrations. Banquet halls are being replaced by houses and meticulous seating plans, stages are slowly becoming simpler.

And that’s Okay. Nothing wrong with it. There could be many reasons to try it out. But just because you are planning a simpler wedding, does not mean you should compromise on the experience and the quality. Even if you try to cut down the costs in some or another, there’s one thing where you should not compromise at all. And that is good food.

So what’s the option? How can you add some flavor to your catering without blowing your whole life savings? Well, you have the option of BBQ catering. It’s a little more personal and with the right planning, you can make every guest feel right at home. But most importantly, it is lighter on your pocket.

But why BBQ? Aren’t weddings supposed to be about lifelong friends, lots of interaction, happiness all around and celebrations? BBQ makes perfect sense here. As we now have your attention, it’s time to plan for a BBQ catering. We’ll let you know about 4 BBQ Catering Tips that you can follow at your wedding –

Hire the Professionals

Some things are always best left with professionals. You may have the best BBQ skills in your family but serving a lot of guests can be a little intimidating. Let professional BBQ caterers handle the job for you.

If you don’t want to disappoint your guests, then trust the professionals. With professionals, you can rest assured in knowing that they will leverage their years of experience, planning, cooking, presenting, and serving food to help make your event a success.

Just make sure the BBQ caterer you choose should have a good track record and also work with your budget requirements.

Personal Trip to the Venue

Once you decide on the caterer, you should invite him to visit the event venue with you. When you will be together, the planning will become easier. Plan out how the process will take place and also discuss the menu, arriving time, extra items and other stuff. You are better off not leaving anything for the last minute.

Have a Mega Menu

You should have as many items as possible. Sticking to the traditional stuff will not do any favors. Mix it up with a little bit of everything. You can get some pulled pork, steak, marinated chicken breast, spicy cheddar sausage, or pork ribs in the mix. Don’t forget about tasting everything before finalizing the deal. If the taste is not good then it will all be a mess.

Don’t Forget the Veggies

You don’t want to rob your vegan friends of enjoyment. Add some veggies and maybe include some salads or vegetable kebabs with halloumi or tuna steak for the fishy guys.