Having a lawn is nothing less than owning a paradise since your yard can be used in various ways; for instance, for recreational activities, gardening, relaxing on weekends and entertaining your friends. While some people like to take their outdoor living space to the next level by incorporating different features like an outdoor kitchen, dining area, fireplace, kiosks and water fountain, others may want to keep it simple by adding a variety of plants and flowers which can beautify the entrance of the house.


If you are willing to make your yard lush green and fresh all year round, then you have come to the right place. Your professional landscaping and building company can help you spruce up your garden and increase the value of your house. Besides, who doesn’t want to enhance the aesthetics when they have the opportunity to?


Apart from calling the experts, I have noted down with brilliant ideas that can help you maintain your paradise and convert it into a lush green area-


1) Use a Rake to Dethatch Dead Grass-


Dead grass in the lawn are common and the reason behind the dead grass is the direct and excessive exposure to sunlight, not enough supply of the water and not taking out the dead grass. So it is important to rake the dead grass since it will not only lower the beauty of your lawn but also encourage pests and diseases. The best time to rake dead grass is during early spring. Do not hop on to an intense removal plan since some of the dead grass is good for the lawn.


2) Test the Soils and its pH Value-


If you want a lush green garden with healthy plants and fully blossomed flowers, make sure to use high-quality fertile soil that can provide all the nutrients and minerals for the nourishment of the plants. In fact, test the pH levels of the soil before using it in your garden. The pH level of the soil must remain between 5 to 7. The high pH level means the soil is alkaline and the lower pH signifies that it is highly acidic. However, the pH levels are brought back to normal by using additives like lime, sulphates and other chemicals.


3) Add Healthy Plants and Flowers-


It is essential to add healthy plants and flowers to the garden that are free from any disease since defected plants can quickly spread the disease to other plants, resulting in the death of your garden. Sounds disappointing, right? Therefore, contact the planting experts to buy healthy and seasonal plants.


Why seasonal plants? Because the conditions are appropriate for them to grow fully. You must add seasonal flowers as well since they will blossom wholly and enhance the look of your garden with variant colors.


4) Aerate the Soil-


It is imperative for the soil to breath and allows the air to pass through. Aerating helps in enhancing the quality of soil, making it easy for plant roots to absorb nutrients and water thoroughly. Aerating could be done using various tools, depending upon the size of the lawn.