If you have ever attended a wedding, you would agree that a delicious food menu is the most vital part of any successful party. It not only fuels the occasion but also lets you infuse one’s personality and style into the dishes as chosen. Even the guests remember it at the end of the day, so it has to be on the top of the priorities list.

However, it isn’t as easy it sounds. Creating a perfect food and beverage menu for the reception party can get a bit overwhelming, especially when you are doing it for the first time. It can get more daunting when you have to do it for your wedding. There are a hundred other things to look after, and planning the menu for your guests is nothing less of a challenge.

From picking the appropriate dishes to ensuring their good presentation, every little detail matters when it comes to the wedding. Depending on the size of the of your celebration, your wedding menu can include a variety of appetizers, servings of mouthwatering main dishes and tempting dessert items to create a happy food ending.

With the help of the following tips and suggestions, you can serve a flavorful menu to impress every foodie on your guest list:

Set a Realistic Budget

Weddings involve a plenty amount of budget, and when it comes to serving quality dishes to hundreds of guests, you can totally expect your finances to play a little hard on you.

Every single decision you make will either make or break your day, and at the end, impact your expenses drastically. So, it is always best to nail down your budget early and plan everything accordingly.

Count your Guests

The size of your guest list is a major factor in determining the dishes, cocktails, and mocktails you should include in your menu. Consider all your close friends, family members, relatives, and colleagues you are going to invite and food that suits them.

Your entire efforts should be creating a menu in a creative way that savors the taste buds of the guests and at the same time, cut down per head cost.

Consider the Cocktail Hour

Usually, weddings feel lifeless without a good variety of cocktails and mocktails. Some people celebrate with it before dinner, some after that, and rest enjoy it heartily with the meal.

Depending on what time you choose for your cocktail hour, your whole food plan can be decided. If it is a long and heavy celebration with hard drinks, then you would obviously need fewer courses.

Book the Right Caterer

A great catering is the key to serve an amazing menu. Some event venues have in-house catering, and some let you bring your own caterers. While there are limited choices in the former option, you can enjoy new dishes by opting for the latter one. Include seafood, steaks, smoked meat, and barbecue wings.

Also, sit with your spouse and list down the cuisines you both find appetizing and that your guests would like too.