The kitchen makes up for the most crucial part of every home. It is the place where you spend most of the time with your kids, spouse or friends cooking your favorite delicacies.

With the emergence of urban lifestyle, minimalism has become the trend of the society. Today people want modern kitchens loaded with smart technology, which is why you will see a massive shift from traditional trends to contemporary feels.

Characterized by dark cabinetries and white countertops, contemporary kitchens are the perfect epitome of a sleek and elegant layout. They look extremely artistic and are highly functional in nature.

So, if you are thinking to remodel your kitchen or build it right from the scratch – a contemporary style can add uniqueness to the indoor environment making it look like ultra-chic and expensive. Here are few ways to create a gorgeous contemporary kitchen design –

Go All White

Opting for an all-white scheme for your new kitchen is an impressive design statement in itself. It is the best and easiest way to make your kitchen stand out from the rest of your house. However, if you think that it might look overly neutral, then you can pick different textures to work with. For instance, try including grey veining throughout the white marble used in your kitchen island to break the monotony of using a single color and add attractiveness to the space.

Work Around with Pastels

If white is not your color, then you can go ahead experimenting with lighter hues like pastels. Choose blue-grey pastel shades for your cabinetries and place a trendy kitchen island for an extra dose of contemporary style. Pick copper accents for your doorknobs and sink taps to create a modish appeal. You can also consider adding a dash of colors to the area by adding colorful flowers and dramatic wall arts.

Add Quirky Wall Tiles

If you are inclined towards Shaker style kitchen, then you can add a statement factor by using wall tiles. You can choose from a variety of colors right from plain white, pastels to other fine colors. You can add a quirky look by using different colors of tiles in a certain pattern for highlighting a single wall or make it look like wall art. The best part about using tiles is that you can clean them without much hassle and enjoy them glazing over a longer period of time.

Choose Subtle Flooring

To complete the look of your contemporary kitchen, you have to finish it off with the right kind of flooring. Since the contemporary designs work on the principle of minimalism, you have to ensure that you don’t install anything that is too gaudy or excessive. Slate grey tiles or white marble floors are a great choice to use for such kitchens. They are simple but look tremendously graceful. You can also use colorful decorative pieces to add a bit of life to your kitchen space.