Home decor is so much important for your home to look aesthetically appealing and functional. Where one thinks of adding different structures and items to uplift the value of their home, considering safety during assimilating structural as well as decorative accessories should be on the priority list.


Glass is an essential element when it comes to designing and partitioning of the house. You may use glass on the walls, doors, windows, mirror, structural designing, exteriors and bathrooms of the house. The good news is glass comes in various forms and can be moulded into any given shape. With the trends in the usage of glass, tempered glass has come into the limelight. It is not only attractive and versatile but also offers safety and security to your home and its members.


What is Tempered Glass?


Tempered glass is a glass treated by heat, chemicals and pressure that changes its composition and enhances its strength. This glass becomes four times stronger than the ordinary annealed glass. It is usually used commercially, but you can also bring the benefits of tempered glass in your home in many forms.


Down below are mentioned some of the benefits of using tempered glass in your home-


1) It is stronger and durable- As said earlier, the tempered glass is four to five times tougher than the ordinary glass which means it makes it a better choice for installation on windows and doors. Such strong and robust glass makes it hard for the burglars and intruders to make their way through windows and also see the activities of people inside. Secondly, it is durable enough to stay longer and not get easily affected by changing weather conditions.


2) It offers safety- Ordinary glass when breaks can form large and sharp shards that can harm your children. On the other hand, if the tempered glass breaks, it forms smaller pieces that are not sharp, which reduces the risk of injuries. Moreover, tempered glass is not easily breakable as compared to the other glass; therefore, the risk of breakage and injuries is significantly reduced if you install tempered glass in your home.


3) It is heat resistant- The main reason why tempered glass is used in commercial establishments and residential places is because it is heat resistant. It is passed through chemicals and heat to make it that way. It cannot break because of the changing temperature and high heat; thereby increasing the energy efficiency of your house.


4) It doesn’t catch scratches easily- The manufacturing process makes it thermally strong and scratch-resistant. Making tempered glass an ideal choice for windows, doors, mobile glass protector and kitchen appliances.


5) It has better pattern options- To enhance your knowledge and to help you provide more comprehensive options for your home, you can buy tempered glass in various patterns that can complement you home and reflect your style. Patterned, frosted, clear-coloured, and engraved are a few examples from which you can make a choice.