There is nothing as cool as having a personal swimming pool in your backyard to enjoy those hot summers. But do you know that like all other good things, your swimming pool requires constant care and attention to look beautiful, clean, and healthy throughout the season?

Installing a swimming pool requires commitment. You cannot just turn your back to its service and repair or completely rely on a third-party to take care of your pool.

All pools are different and have a variety of maintenance needs. So, if are you new to swimming pool care, then this article is for you.

Here are some easy and basic pool maintenance measures you need to consider in the upcoming summer season:

  • Keep a check on water’s chemistry

The first thing you need to do is to understand your pool’s water chemistry i.e. the total alkalinity and pH levels. pH is the measure of acid and base in the pool water and total alkalinity measures the water’s ability to neutralize acidity.

A lower number on pH scale indicates the acidic nature of the water and causes corrosion of pool surfaces. On the other hand, a higher number shows that the water is extremely alkaline and is a cause behind scaling, deposits, and cloudy water.

The pool water shouldn’t hit any of the ends of the pH scale and should be rather kept between 7.2 and 7.8.

  • Clean the skimmers regularly

It is wise to skim the pool’s surface frequently by hand. You can use a long-handled net to remove shredded tree leaves, bugs, and other unwanted items.

Besides, you should clean out the skimmer baskets installed inside the pool before it gets saturated with dirt and contaminants.

Regular skimming during summer months not only increases the pool’s circulation system but also avoids any sort of algae build-up. This, in turn reduces the amount of chlorine you add to keep the water clean.

  • Invest in a pool vacuum

Vacuuming your swimming pool once a week is a great alternative to keep the water clean and clear, especially if you don’t want to get into manual pool maintenance. A pool vacuum works back and forth over the surface of the pool just like a regular vacuum machine does on carpets.

There are ample of options available in the market when it comes to choosing a vacuum. There are the manual designs and then there automatic ones that can be easily left on a timer.

However, you will still be required to brush down the walls of your pool every week.

  • Maintain the desired water level

There is a lot of water loss from the pool during the summer months. This majorly happens due to evaporation process, while swimming or exiting the pool.

As a result, the water falls below the level of the pump and dries and burns it up. The situation is problematic even when the water level is too high as the skimmer doesn’t work properly.

The best way to enjoy optimal results and performance of a skimmer and pool pump is keeping the water at the center level of your pool tile.

  • Inspect the pool pump and filter

The pool pump is one of the crucial parts of your swimming pool that performs the functions of both heart and liver. It keeps the water in the pool moving to avoid stagnation and pushing it through the filter to remove all kinds of debris and dust.

The amazing part is you don’t have much to do in this whole process. You simply turn it on and let it run depending upon your usage and size of the pool.

Since these two elements play an important role, keep an eye on their proper functioning and call for pool pump repair services when required to protect them from all the harm.