There is a huge generalization among people when it comes to Indian Food. Often, adjectives like rich, curry, fatty, spicy and hot are some of the things that you will hear when somebody speaks about Indian food. Though, it is really impossible to characterize Indian cuisine by these 4-5 words. With a vast array of culinary cuisines, which has evolved over thousands of years based on external and internal influence. Someone who is obsessive of Indian food will argue that, the food is made with intricate blending of several spices and ingredients, which makes it something like an art. So, in this article, let us see some of the things that you didn’t know about Indian Food.

It is Healthy-: It’s true that some of the Indian dishes are very high on fat content. But, just as you wouldn’t think that all American dishes doesn’t constitute of burger and sausages, likewise, all Indian dishes is not high on fat content. There are many recipes which are augmented with various spices, but is very less on oil content. There are still other dishes, which doesn’t require oil at all. Some of the dishes are full of vegetables and very healthy spices, which doesn’t require oil, plus it is very healthy and tasty. Ginger, garlic, green chilies and turmeric are some of the spices which is widely used in Indian recipes, no matter what the recipe is. These spices are very healthy in nature, and addresses many healthy anomalies.

Not all Indian Food is Spicy-: Most of the Indian dishes, have many spices mixed, and therefore, there is a common misconception that, all foods are spicy and hot. But, no there is a slight difference between hot spices and normal spices. Normal spices are good for health, but, hot spices can be omitted from any recipe, since, those are given as a matter of taste.

It is easy to cook-: Just as any other cuisines in the world, Indian food recipes also take time and effort to fully develop itself. But, some of the most popular and tasty foods of Indian origin is easy to cook. Tandoor Chicken and some of the kebab dishes are actually very easy to make and can be made in a whisker.

Curry-: For inexperienced people who haven’t got experience with Indian food, ‘curry’ is just as an ingredient for Indian food. But, this cannot be more further from the truth. ‘Curry’ is a collection of spices, which is vehemently known as “Garam Masala”. These collections of spices enhance the taste of the food, and is used in most of the spicy Indian dishes. Though, the basic mixing of “Garam masala” is same, the final recipe varies with household and region.

Diverse Regional Characteristics-: India is a land of culture. Indian culture dates back to 2500 BC. No matter where you are in India, you will be equally surprised when you find out the number of local culinary dishes available. The cuisine varies significantly when you travel to different parts of India. The tandoor dishes are predominantly found in Northern India, where the Mughals laid their capital.

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