Have you ever thought about how the color of your floor and walls fade away and the furniture appears dull with time? The major reason behind it is that they all come in direct contact of sunlight that has harmful UV rays.


You spend a good amount of money on installing new floors, painting walls and buy luxurious furniture only to get it damaged by direct sunlight entering through your windows. UV rays get stronger with time and can fade away your furniture and other precious stuff. However, fading is not spontaneous; affects are only seen after a few years.


If you can apply sunscreens to protect your skin while going out, you can also protect you home too from these harmful rays. Here are some protective measures that you must consider to safeguard your home from harmful effects of sun rays-


Cover your furniture and Use a Rug-


Many people like to keep shades open to enjoy the warming sunlight and maybe you have indoor plants that need it too. In such cases, it becomes important to take care of your furniture and floor while you look after plants.


Move your furniture to the shady part of the house or cover them with beautiful rugs. Make use of carpets and rugs to protect the floor from direct sunlight or get a coat of UV inhibitors over the floor.


Use window shutters-


Sunlight usually enters from windows and one of the best way to block it is to install window shutters. There are window shutters that block about 99% of the UV light entering through the window.


Different styles and designs of window shutters are available in the market. You can easily get the ones that match the window style of your house. Or you get them installed when you are constructing your house.


Use window films-


Another thing to use on your windows is window films. They are translucent and stick to the window glass. You will not be able to make out whether your windows are obstructed once you get them installed. They too block 99% of the harmful rays entering your house but make sure you get them installed by a professional.


Over time they can get scratches or they can come off due to a weak adhesive. Therefore, they need to get replaced after a certain period.


Use drapes-


The easiest way to limit the entrance of harmful rays is to use drapes. They can add to the aesthetic of your interiors if you choose the right material and design. Hang them loose if you want to block the light else tie them for the light to enter.


Choose the right siding-


You do not just want to protect the interiors, think about the exterior too. The paint can easily wither away due to unpredictable weather conditions; therefore, it is better to go for siding and cladding. Hire professionals to install siding of weather-resistant material such as aluminium and vinyl that are durable and long-lasting as well.