Whether you are renovating an existing kitchen, constructing a new or changing a few elements, everyone wants their kitchen to be super functional and attractive. If you are ready for a kitchen renovation, you must be thorough with different layouts, features so as to choose the one that fits well in your home’s layout.


These days, people prefer open kitchen since it enhances the space and makes your home airy and bright. I totally agree with having an open kitchen that can blend well with your living room. It creates a comfy feel even when you are hosting informal parties for your friend and they can gravitate to the kitchen to see your cooking skills as well as serve themselves without disturbing you. The idea is excellent!


Besides, a compact kitchen can serve equally well for people who do not want to kill the privacy of their living and dining room. Whether you want an open or a closed kitchen, there are tons of features, designs, appliances you can choose from and assimilate.


Down below are mentioned some of the must-have features for your kitchen-


1) Multifunctional Island- If you have the habit of spending most of your time on the kitchen table whether it is eating, completing office work or any activity, a kitchen island that offers seating, storage and workspace is your ideal solution.


2) Specialized Storage- Having smart storage spaces that do not take much of the room is so essential. Specialized storage like deep drawers, multifunctional cabinets, custom cabinets, dividers and carts allows you to insert just anything from pans to pots, cutlery to utensils and all the spices.


Storage spaces come in various designs and trends made up of different materials like wood, vinyl, glass and many more. Going with stylish storage range can make your kitchen look top-notch and productive.


3) Tow-toned Cabinetry- Going with one is good, but adding two tones can set the mood of your kitchen space. Having custom cabinets that are textured in one area and a mixture of variant colours can elevate the beauty of your kitchen.


4) Enclosed trash bins- Every kitchen has trash and recycle point that can take up the kitchen floor, looks bad and releases foul odors if not appropriately covered. Open trash bins can invite various pests to dwell in your kitchen; therefore, to keep the foul odors as well as pests away from your kitchen, stick to adding enclosed cabinets or compartments for your waste containers.


5) Pro-style range- To have a luxury kitchen, incorporate industrial-style appliances like the double oven, stainless steel appliances, heavy-duty handles, electronic control knobs, electronic chimney, seal and dual-flame stacked burners with a spectrum of controlling heat and so on.


6) Quartz Countertops- Quartz countertops look chic since quartz is an engineered stone that mimics the other materials like granite, marble and concrete. Quartz being durable and robust, makes an elite choice for countertops. They are not only easy to clean but also easy to maintain.