The year 2020 has taught us how our fast-moving lives can come to a halt, so one must never wait for the perfect time to celebrate. Well, you can host your wedding with a handful of people in an attractive manner and quit spending lavishly on extravagant functions which absolutely make no sense sometimes.


Moreover, it is easier to organize the event of your marriage with your loved ones who will definitely hop on to show their creativity levels and hit your show.


Besides, planning a wedding function in winters during the time of COVID, you must keep in mind the guidelines and restrictions before implementing your plans. Therefore, to make your show a success, here are some winter wedding essentials for 2020-


Inviting the limited number of guests- According to the new guidelines you may invite guests in an increased number (ranging from 50 to 100), but it will be hard for you to decide your guest list, cutting down some of the names. The best thing to do is invite the near ones since relatives living far off will not be able to travel as the international flights are still terminated.


You can make your distant relatives a part of your wedding virtually via video call, and they will understand your situation. To the ones attending your function, make sure to note down their details and provide them with a list of rules to follow.


Deciding the venue- If you are organizing some pre-wedding functions like an engagement party, I would suggest you book a venue depending upon the weather and time of your function. For instance, if the engagement party is planned for the night, choose an indoor venue for winters, to keep your guests warm and safe. Besides, for hosting the wedding in the day, choose an outdoor venue.


Reaching out to vendors- You must reach out to the vendors and others at least one month prior to the wedding function. From chefs to decorators and makeup artists to caterers, you need to make sure everyone is strictly following the COVID-19 rules. Once the wedding is near, stay in communication with all the service providers to check if they are solemnly adhering to the guidelines.


Sanitizing everything possible- Don’t forget that the pandemic is not over and even the objects you will be using can bring in the deadly germs. So, make sure to sanitize every prop, item, decorative stuff, and other equipment with sanitizers.


Acquire radiation thermometers- The best idea to avoid chaos is to check the temperature of your guests at the entry point via radiation thermometer. It will not only instil trust in your guests but will make them stress-free that no one is sick at your function. The second thing to follow is to place the sanitizers at every table for your guests and ask them to wear masks.


Deploy internal heaters- As it’s going to be a winter wedding, there have to be heaters inside the venue to keep your guests warm so that they may not shiver in the cold and take part in every fun activity at your wedding.