If you are tired of spending your morning showering in your old and traditional bathroom and looking for some bathroom improvements, you have come to the right place. I am familiar with how can a dingy and damped bathroom be a painful sight.


Looking at the damped walls of your bathroom with musty odour taking over the place is not enough that your toilet is leaking every now and then with your sink being jammed to a level that it screams for professional help. Did you look at the bathroom tiles filled with silt and yellow stains, waiting for tile replacement? If that is the condition of your bathroom, then you must immediately plan to fix it.


I have mentioned some of the essential points that can enhance the overall look and functionality of your bathroom-


Fix faulty fixtures- First things first! If you notice faulty fixtures, leaky faucets, call a plumber to fix them or replace them. Moreover, if the toilet seat in your bathroom is way too old, it can cause trouble later on. Therefore, get it replaced with the toilet of a modern built. The next thing to focus on is the clogged pipes of your bathroom, get them cleaned or replaced as per your needs. Once you are done with the repairing part, hop on to add glamour to your bathroom.


Experiment with paint- The paint on the walls of your bathroom can wither away with time and environmental factors like moisture, dampness and heat. Therefore, get your walls a fresh coat of subtle paint like deep and moody ombre, cream and beige for classic touch or add a little texture to the walls.


Upgrade the basin- There must be a focal point in your bathroom, and hand basins make a perfect place for it. You can create a standout look by adding a stylish washbasin with modern faucets. Install a moderate size mirror on the wall with a beautiful hanger for the hand towel.


Use designer tiles to make a style statement- Install patterned tiles on the floor made up of sturdy material near the shower. Tiles with accent shades can be installed on the walls as well instead of the paint to not only enhance the beauty but also protecting walls from getting damaged.


Add an elegant storage space- All the bathroom essentials and toiletries spread out in your bathroom can make your bathroom look chaotic. Therefore, invest in the bathroom vanity, wall-hung cabinetry or floor cabinets to hide out the essentials. It will not only make your bathroom look more organized but improve its functionality.


Go for stylish lighting solutions- Lighting is another important factor for your bathroom. The right type of lighting fixtures can change the aura of your place and add more depth. Secondly, adding windows can be a major improvement since they allow the natural light to enter, and the flow of air inward can dry out your bathroom, reducing the dampness.


Uplift the curb appeal with some indoor plants- Spruce up your bathroom by adding indoor plants near the sink. They will improve the air quality of your bathroom and add the required amount of greenery.