Do you want to renovate your bathroom? Do you want to design your bathroom, just like you have dreamt always? If you have a plan of renovating your bathroom, in the lowest possible rate, without actually spending a lot of money, then you are exactly on the right page. In this article, we have discussed about some of the tips, which will help you save money at the time of bathroom renovation.

Have a Plan-: If you are on a budget, and you don’t have a large amount of spend in bathroom renovation, then it might be an expensive move to hire an architect or a designer. But, you need to make sure, that, you have a plan in hand ready. The problem you will face when you go to the architect, is that, they will tell you a lot of things, where you can’t understand most of the things. Therefore, when you are going to consult an architect, be prepared with a basic plan, about what do you really want to do with your bathroom.

Don’t Move the Piping-: You always need to pressurize the architect, so that they keep the existing piping. Since, the moment you move the pipe, or install a new pipe, and need to make a new connection, the problem will be that, you need to be ready for huge expenses. According to experts of bathroom renovation, changing the existing piping can cost you easily up to 5000$.

Mirror Frame Up-: If you have got an existing mirror, then build it up with a frame, which will make it look better. Getting a frame for your existing mirror, will let you save money, since, you don’t need to buy a big hanging mirror, which will again cost you more. Moreover, installing a frame around the mirror, will also hide the wear and tear of the existing mirror. Some of the experts say, that installing a frame around the mirror will conceal the flaking around the edges.

Buy a New Toilet Seat-: Your toilet seat is the most important part of your bathroom renovation, and therefore, you need to remodify that. But, you can actually save money here also, by replacing only the toilet seat and the lid, which will make it look like a new unit. On the contrary you are saving money, since, you don’t have to invest in a new unit.

Vanity Furniture-: You must not be happy with the vanity furniture that is existent there on the bathroom. The best thing to buy these vanity furniture’s, is the antique stores. The antique stores have classy pieces of vanity furniture’s which will look great in your bathroom. Head to these stores to look out for something new, if you are on a tight budget.

Alternatives to Tile-: Tiles are cliché. Everybody uses it. Therefore, if you are renovating your bathroom, keep in mind that there are new modern alternatives to tile, which will look great, if you install those, rather than tiles.

Use Paint-: When you are renovating your bathroom, always use paints. Paints make the bathroom look more attractive, with all the new features you added.


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