What is an effective acne treatment? There can be no simple answer because some over the counter cream which has worked for one person may prove useless to the next person. If this has happened in your case, that is if creams and facial washes are no longer working wonders for your skin, I will throw light on how you can make your skin look as well as feel cleaner than ever.

Deep pore cleansing

This will aid you in getting rid of the bacteria and dirt that has built up underneath the surface of your skin. When the pores of your skin are opened, all the dirt is exposed. What happens next is that the dirt gets all rinsed away as you welcome a new, fresh and amazing face! If you want to make this treatment work, you got to get yourself some of the therapy appointments on a regular basis. This method does really create a whole lot of difference.

Acne laser therapy

This helps in bidding goodbye to scars. Acne laser therapy produces results which withstand the ravages of time. This means that the method differs drastically from those products which work only as long as they are being used. Though there are a couple of side effects, one of the pros is that the therapy works on every skin colour.

Birth control

Birth control pills can correct hormonal imbalance, if any. Thus they are proven to be effective in removing acne. You will no more have pimples popping up overnight. On top of this, the amount of blemishes will be lessened too. Nevertheless you should remember that once you stop taking them, pimples can start coming back.

Cut back of dairy

Studies have proved that cutting back on dairy leads the way to fewer acne breakouts. But why does this happen? Milk is believed to contain hormones and no milk product (not even organic milk) is without hormones. In fact, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but skim milk is definitely the worst. When you choose other forms of therapy as well as cut back on dairy, nothing will be able to hold you back!

Other diet and lifestyle changes

  • Do not touch your face. Bacteria and germs from your hands are easily transferred to that forehead of yours, thereby accelerating the occurrence of pimples.
  • Avoid greasy foods.
  • Consume more fruits.
  • Take fresh foods.
  • Restrain from junk food and fast food.
  • Have less sugar.
  • Try to refrain from milk and dairy.

You can see for yourself which method works best for you. Since the average life span of a single zit is somewhat between five to six weeks, give a particular therapy the same amount of time before you decide to go ahead with it or not. You can also combine some couple of therapies together. You might as well incorporate some changes in your diet and lifestyle followed by facial peels and treatments. You can then go for a laser treatment to give up scars. Good luck with the trial and error process!