In homes, the aquarium can be an interesting and beautiful piece of decoration. If maintained in the right way, it can serve as an art and source of serenity.


Keeping aquarium and fish in its healthy state is not at all difficult if you enjoy it by your heart. All you have to spend is 30 minutes on its maintenance every week, and you can prevent a lot of problems that are common and time-consuming. Your main goal should be to have a stable and balanced aquarium.


The following are the few of the aquarium maintenance tips by a pro, that can help you keep your aquarium in sound condition.


  1. Change Water – To maintain a neat and healthy tank, advised is to change twenty-five per cent of the water once a month. This helps in keeping a safe level of nitrate concentration in water which is really good for the health of your fish in the aquarium. You can use a gravel vacuum to drain out the water.
    2. Maintain proper lighting – Plants and fish in the aquarium need adequate lighting. So, make sure that the aquarium is not exposed to less or excess light. Experts suggest lighting up the aquarium for eight hours a day. If you have a busy schedule, then you can even fix a timer in your aquarium.
    3. Condition the water – Just like humans need clean air to stay healthy, fish need clean water. The tap water contains several properties that need to be balanced in order to support aquatic life. So, water conditioning is necessary. To do so, you can use a de-chlorinating and biological aquarium supplement.
    4. Maintain the right pH level – It is crucial to keep a check on the alkalinity and acidity of your aquarium by sustaining the right pH level. The ideal pH value that is suitable for your fish ranges between 6.6 and 7.8. This range gives a natural antiseptic effect that aids fish in fighting the illness.
    5. Maintain the right water temperature – If you wish to have a healthy aquarium, then it is vital to maintain adequate water temperature. It is highly recommended not to keep your aquarium near the heater, window, AC vent or places where the inside temperature can be affected. The water temperature that is suitable for your aquarium ranges from 22 to 27-degree Celsius. Don’t forget that it can vary depending on the species.
    6. Remove algae – If not taken care of, the algae growth can deplete the oxygen that is much-needed for fish and plants in the aquarium. So, make sure to remove the algae developed on the sides of your water tank. To take off the algae carefully, you can get different tools like algae magnet or scrub brushes from the market.
    7. Hire professionals for aquarium maintenance – If you have a shortage of time or are consumed in your busy schedule, then you can consider hiring an aquarium maintenance company. They have adequate knowledge, tools and experience to keep your aquarium in good condition. Their regular maintenance and servicing packages are highly affordable and can make your aquarium healthy and beautiful.