It is essential for any company or business to invest in marketing for their products and services in the most efficient and economical ways. The money required for this purpose is usually extracted from company funds or from a budget which must have been planned for marketing. In either case, a substantial portion of the company’s finance is spent, which could’ve been alternatively used for a more productive order of business like supply or labour. But marketing is essential for creating a stronghold of your brand, and hence, it cannot be avoided. It is here that experiential marketing plays a significant role in its growth.

Experiential marketing is a strategic recent form of marketing that gives more utility by making use of event marketing technology and lowering cost of your marketing campaign through event promotion. A tried and tested concept, it is a popular method of budget marketing. This ensures that there are more funds within the company account that can be useful in more productive departments of the company to ensure smooth running. As a profitable venture, it is becoming a modern trend in the event management sector. Businesses over the world have inculcated this “textbook” techniques of efficient and effective marketing and have included this technology in a wide manner to understand the importance of money saving. There are some characteristics of event promotions that have revolutionized the concept of marketing.


Consumer sales promotion is important to entice customers into buying a product. It is an opportunity to showcase why your product stands out from all its competitors and gives a reason to the customer why he should buy that product. Promotions typically last for an abbreviated period and have simple objectives such as increasing market share. This involves handing out samples, free trials, contests and exclusive pricing. A prominent method of directed promotion is to use non-promotional techniques to impart your message to the desired client.


The material put through on your chosen media of promotion should have relevance, but also carry impact. Social media is a great tool to generate instant marketing, because your promotion will float through a screen and occupy some memory on the consumer’s mind. It is a great tool to make people aware of the brand and boost sales. Such awareness entices a word of mouth by creating a chain as an efficient and paramount promoting tool. The method is cost effective and carries a lot of impact for your target audience.


For a business which is new to the market, it is important to beat the competition and come at par for a respectable brand image. In such a case, experiential marketing will work leaps and bounds and do the trick. It will not only make the target crowd aware of the product and boost up the business for the company but also make consumers get familiarized with the functionality and characteristics of the business.

Event marketing works very well to market a business on a large scale. It is an efficient aspect of marketing and promotions and can do wonders for your business in the shortest possible time to give a giant head start to client building and profit making. Event marketing techniques should only be acted upon if it is able to influence a large amount of the populations which may or may not be the target audience in the most pocket friendly way possible.