If you are fond of nail art and love shaping nails then you might be interested in becoming a nail technician and making a career out of it. The job of a nail technician has emerged to be of great demand and is one of the most sought-after jobs in the beauty industry these days. Nail technician’s job is considered as the most exciting careers for people who want to use their creativity. They do much more than manicures and pedicures and provide a great variety of beauty treatment. If you think you have the necessary skills and want to go ahead with your passion, then read below to find out how to become a nail technician.

Do some research about the schools in the vicinity of your area that offer nail classes and cosmetology classes. Go through blogs, watch videos online, read magazines, attend workshops and do some self-preparation which will help you to do well in school as well as learn in new areas. Build up your portfolio to show your range of work and what you can do. During your initial days, practice the techniques and gain experience.

Nail technicians are responsible for cleaning, and filing nails using various instruments. Hence, good knowledge of all the instruments is essential so gather new products over the years and learn how to use them. Keep adding things to your nail kit. This will help you to do better and adapt with the current trend requirements.

No formal degree is required to become a nail technician however training through cosmetology schools that offer 3-6 months of preparation is necessary since all states expect nail technicians to have a valid license and some employers require one- two years of experience. Having a certified license in nail art leaves a good impression on your customers, giving them the assurance that they are in safe hands. Most nail technicians are hired at intern level positions. On having gained the relevant amount of experience you can start your own salon. If you want to start up your own business then you should contact your local authority’s environmental health department.

Some key skills needed in order to become a successful nail technician are knowledge of tools and chemicals for nail care, creativity, efficiency and good communication skills. Your everyday work includes cleaning and filling nails, embellishing nails with shaded varnish, diamonds or sparkles, applying false nails or augmentations and checking for any indications of skin or nail issues before treatment. One advantage of becoming a nail technician is that it offers a lot of flexibility and good working conditions, you can choose to work under someone, run your own salon or visit clients at their homes.