What Is The Best Time For Online Shopping In India?

Online shopping has seen a meteoric rise in its popularity in the past few years in this country. Whether it is in an upscale urban surrounding or a relatively quiet suburb, online shopping apps deliver to you their products regardless of your location. This is one of the predominant advantages of this trend. One can stay within the comfortable bounds of one’s home and with just a few clicks, buy anything one wants- from clothes and shoes to furniture and car accessories.

However, with so many online shopping sites and the multitude of products, how are you to settle down on the best deals available in the market? More importantly, with the ongoing sales and festive seasons, how do you keep track of the most lucrative discounts that can be cashed in?

Following is a comprehensive guide on what times would be the most favourable for your online shopping endeavours.


Weekday Schedule

This might sound too insignificant to have a real impact on the pricing of the products you would like to buy, but this could eventually help you to save a few shillings. Shop during the weekdays where there is lesser online traffic and when you can navigate through the shopping site without any risks of glitches. Moreover, if an item is on sale, it is more likely that you would get your hands on it before it goes out of stock. On weekends, when everyone is cruising through the sites, it might not be so. Some infographics reveal that Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days to do your online shopping, instead of the weekend, despite their ostensibly higher discounts.


Buy In Bulk

Oftentimes, websites have a provision for supplementary discounts when you buy in large quantities. Make use of this facility by buying all of what you need at one time instead of making frequent purchases with a few items only. In this manner, you would save a great deal on shipping prices and you might even get an offer of expedite delivery.


End Of Season Sale

There is no doubt that you get the best offers in the virtual market at the end of season sale or the EOSS. To avail of the best prices during this season, make sure that you create a separate wishlist of all the relatively costlier products that you could conveniently add to your cart during the sale season. It also makes it easier to keep track of all the fluctuating prices of the products you wish to purchase. Additionally, make ample use of discount sites to grab the best coupons and deals during this season to get supplementary concessions in the quoted price. Keep an eye on Flipkart Big Billion sale and keep track of Flipkart Coupons on KhojDeal for best deals.


Use Your Discretion

During the sale season, which is usually the season of festivals, there are way too many shopping sites that sell their products at unbelievable rates. However, it is important that you do not get carried away by this feature. Be certain that the product you are buying is of genuine quality, especially when buying items like electronics. Many times, fraudulent companies use this time to forward their own agenda and sell fake products at a price that is seemingly reasonable. On the other hand, when it comes to items of clothing, make sure that you are getting articles in your correct size.
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