In the house, the bedroom is the place that makes you feel calm and relaxed. On returning home after a tiring day, you look forward to resting in your bedroom. So, your room has to be a lively space as you spend one-third of your day there. If it is not well-organised and furnished, then it may affect your moods.


So, if you deem that your bedroom needs updations, then don’t delay it. And, if you think that bedroom makeover is not in your budget, then you need to rethink as there are still small changes that can leave a significant impact. If you explore, then you can get a lot of decoration ideas that can make your personal space more refreshing, comfortable and stylish.


To help you design your room, we are here with budget-friendly tips, that can add an oomph factor to your bedroom.


#1. Paint the walls – If you want to leave a great impact with the least expenditure, then paint the walls of your room. Painting is an easy task, and you can start with DIY. All you need is to buy paint, roller and brushes. Further, while selecting the paint color, make sure to choose the one that matches the decor items of your room and is subtle. Doing it yourself will save your money as you need not hire professional painters.


#2. Add some greenery – Indoor plants are an amazing way of maintaining the freshness of the room as they purify the air. They are not at all expensive and beautify your room with their charm.


Additionally, instead of choosing a simple pot for plants, go for stylish and colorful pots. They will make your place more attractive.


#3. Add gorgeous lamps and lighting – Choosing the right light for the room can do wonders. Replace the old and boring lamps with some quirky lamps. You can easily get them online at low prices.


#4. Revamp your bed – Bed is the main attraction of any room, so make sure it looks the best. It doesn’t mean you need to replace your bed. Just buy some chic yet comfortable bed sheets. Invest in a new comforter that makes a statement. If you have bed sides, then adore them with tiny plants and decorative showpieces.


#5. Renew the flooring –Renewing the flooring is inexpensive and can help in adding a luxurious touch to your room. Carpets or carpet tiles are pocket-friendly and can adore your bedroom with their beauty. Carpet tiles are extremely easy to install and are versatile too. Moreover, they are engineered in such a way that they don’t absorb water and thus are highly durable. To ensure that you have quality flooring installed in your room, buy it from a trusted source.


#6. Add wallpaper – Wallpaper can be a great idea to give a new look to your bedroom. These days stylish wallpapers with alluring designs and patterns are available. Moreover, gone are the days when wallpapers used to wear out soon. Nowadays, wallpapers are made with long-lasting material, and hence they are durable.


#7. Add shelves and decorate them – Shelves look cool and when adorned with beautiful paintings and decor pieces, the beauty of your room manifolds. They can turn a boring wall to something appealing.


#8. Don’t ignore the ceiling – When you lay on the bed, you look straight towards the ceiling. So, make sure to paint it with the lighter color as compared to other walls of the room. In case you like patterns, then try to keep them simple.


#9. Add decorative mirrors – A mirror looks elegant when in a room. These days mirrors come with artistic and attractive frames that can add to the charm of your room. So, buy one for your bedroom.