Buffet restaurants are becoming quite popular these days especially for regional cuisines. They provide a wide variety of food and the option to have as much or as little of any dish on the menu. They are great for occasions when a large number of people are dining out or as family restaurants, as rather than ordering an individual dish for each person, there’s enough variety for everyone. They are also easier on the pocket considering the wide variety and quantity of food. However, since so many people are serving themselves from the same platter, there could be some unpleasant experiences due to bad etiquette. Casual dining calls for some basic etiquette while having meals and here are some tips for restaurant buffet etiquette-

  1. Often in buffets, people tend to fill up their plates with dishes that are lined in the beginning, missing out on the variety of food ahead as their plates fill up. It is a better idea to take a look at the food items before filling up your plates and decide what foods you want to try first.
  2. It is always good manners to get a fresh plate before putting the subsequent courses on it. It is unsanitary to return with the same plate and may spread germs.
  3. Always wait for people ahead of you to make their selection. It is rude to reach around and may cause some accident.
  4. If you’re not sure about having something or not, do not hover. You can always come back later and decide, just keep the line moving.
  5. One of them most annoying things people do in buffets is to touch the food in the serving dishes. Always use tongs, spoon or serving fork that is provided. It is unhygienic to use your hands to pick up straight from the platter. It is also a bad idea to lick your fingers while standing near the counter no matter how delicious the food is.
  6. Make sure that you place utensils in the original dishes. Avoid cross-contamination.
  7. Place a napkin on the seat of your chair whenever you get up from your table to go to the buffet to let others know that you will be returning.
  8. Turn you head away from the table in case you have to cough or sneeze.
  9. It is advisable to leave a tip even if you are serving yourself at the buffet. The staff would be removing the dirty plates and cleaning the table as you eat.
  10. Help children and get them seated before you start eating.


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