Virtual communities are social networks of individuals that interact through specific forms of media, allowing them to cross boundaries so that they will be able to pursue common interests or goals. The most common form of virtual communities is social media communities, where individuals use various forms of social media to create different groups and communicate with each other. Social media communities are commonly formed over websites – with Facebook being a prime example of the same. These websites allow you to form communities by grouping you with others that have similar interests, or suggesting pages to follow that adhere to your likes.

Building a social media community, therefore, is a great way to be able to get the word of your business or company out into the world –and to attract attention to your business. Building a social media community allows you to be able to advertise your company, and to get a loyal customer base, allowing them to spread the knowledge of your company, and thus, attract more customers.

The first step to building a social media community is to build a foundation that will allow you to keep followers – and allow them to rally around a specific brand that you can create. The basis of this foundation is two-way communication; by communicating to your followers and focusing on personal interactions, you’ll be able to respond to questions, and you’ll be able to better your content based on personal feedback. Using a specific website to create a page, like Facebook or Tumblr, will allow you to do this – and you can provide a link to your website to promote your company.

Once your social media community has been built, it is important to grow your community, which can be done in a multitude of ways. One way is to have giveaways and prizes to your loyal customers, or those active on your social media community – these added benefits can encourage others to be active as well. Make sure you attend to your offline community as well – that is, those who use your services, attend your events, or live in your area. Make sure that the social media platforms you use are mentioned on the physical materials you distribute – and encourage your offline community to follow you on social media.

One way you can use your social media community for your benefit is to crowdsource content from them, and you can use their personal feedback to better your forms of advertising and your products, and ensure that your customer base grows. Another option is to use your social media community to spread news about your business for you – for example, if you’re hosting an event, it would be useful to post it on your website or page, and then encourage your followers to spread the news on their networks.

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