With the increase in population, the crime rate is also increasing day by day. Many criminals prey on people who are alone in the night or who are off guard. They generally look for people who do not pay attention to their surroundings and take their advantage.

There is a list of crimes you need to witness so that you do not become victim to them:


  • Robbery
  • Rape
  • Sexual Assault
  • Aggravated and simple assault

Property crimes:


  • Burglary
  • Car theft

So it is important to always keep alert and protect yourself from such criminals. Here’s how to stay alert and safe anywhere:


Things that protect you from being attacked


You should carry a small pepper spray bottle in your easy to open pocket. If you are alone in the parking lot or walking on your way to some place, you can get attacked by robbers. It will benefit you the most since you will not give them a chance to loot by immediately spraying the pepper spray in their eyes.


Similarly, you can carry other types of sprays or sharp tools, shock giver etc. to protect yourself from a sudden attack.


Taking Charge of Your Safety


To avoid being a victim, you must take charge of your safety by actively tuning your thoughts and actions towards crime prevention. One of the ways is self-defence that can help lower chances of becoming a casualty.


You can join classes of martial arts, taekwondo, judo karate etc. Learning some moves and strengthening yourself can build confidence to fight against physical attackers.


Adopting High-Security Measures in case of High Crime


Famous people and politicians can have some serious enemies who do not want to leave a single chance to pose a threat to them. It is advisable that these people should always have security guards, bouncers by their side who can carry safety weapons to protect them in case of an attack.


They must put in high security such as to invest in armored cars, weapons for safety etc. Travelling in an armored vehicle can prevent on-road casualties since they are bulletproof, fire-resistant and incorporate various features for protection.


Home Safety Measures


Make a habit of locking doors and windows when you are at home since criminals do not think of walking through an unlocked door.


Trim branches and bushes near your doors and windows, they make an excellent way of hiding before they try to break in.


Install CCTV cameras near your main gate and various places to see who is wandering around your house. This way, you can make out who is at the door.


Keep your valuable items such as cash, gold, jewellery in a safe that is placed at some complex area of your house. The safe should be of the latest technology and durable material that is impossible to break and can only be opened through a particular method.