Are you planning to buy a new cigar humidor?

If yes, then before proceeding, make sure that you know everything about cigar humidors.


Choosing high-quality cigar humidor requires prior knowledge about them. To make sure that you spot the best one, go with the following tips on how to select an ideal cigar humidor as per your needs.


  1. Check the Size – Selecting the right size of the humidor is crucial. Otherwise, your cigars may look messy due to less space. In such a case, cigars may cram together, and their taste will be affected. And it is obvious that you don’t want an untidy arrangement. So, the imperative is to pay attention to the size of the cigar humidor. You can find different sizes with varying shapes in the market, but you need to consider your requirements. The ideal decision is to go for a slightly bigger size than what you want. You will then have space enough space for cigars that you may buy in the future.


  1. Consider Portability – If you love to travel and always carry your favorite cigars along, then consider purchasing a portable cigar humidor. They are handy and lightweight, thus easy to carry. A portable humidor can hold a few dozen cigars and not more than that. It is because they are designed specifically for travel purposes. It means cigar lovers will always have their cigars while traveling. Moreover, if you own a few numbers of cigars, then this option is excellent for you as you can save a lot of money which you have to spend on a bigger one.


  1. Learn About the Wood Type Used – Different types of woods like maple, cherry wood, mahogany, and oak are used to manufacture cigar humidors. Remember, the type of wood that you choose will have a direct impact on the ability of the humidor to retain humidity and temperature. So, buy only after knowing everything about the wood type used. Make sure that the wood is durable and goes with other interiors of your home.


  1. Don’t Go For Cheap Humidors – Don’t run after low priced humidors as they will not last long and you soon have to invest in the new one. So, compare the prices of different manufacturers before buying. You will never find a cheap superior quality humidor. Moreover, a modest one will not be able to preserve your cigar in the best condition. So, to get peace of mind for a long time, invest in a quality humidor.


  1. Consider the accessories – Two options are available when it comes to cigar humidors. One comes with a thermometer and hygrometer and the other without them. Hygrometer tells about humidity level, and thermometer tells about temperature levels. It is advised to get the cigar humidor embedded with these accessories. It will help to provide the right temperature and humidity to the cigars, and thus they will remain protected from being spoilt.


These were the five practical tips that you should stick to while buying a cigar humidor. And you will surely end up ordering a quality humidor.