Today, most of the world is fighting with child obesity. With children getting attracted to junk foods more than healthy homemade foods, it has really become the need the hour, to maintain a level of fitness. Sending children to dance class is actually a very good option, when it comes to maintaining fitness. Hence, more and more parents are now going towards dance classes, rather than conventional sports training. Now, in this article we will talk about a few points which will help you in choosing the right dance studio for your child.

What Do You Really Want from the Dance Class?

Now, when parents send their children to dance studio, they obviously have something in their mind, a reason about why they want to send their children to a dance class. Parents need to first judge what they really want from the dance class. Generally, there are two types of dance classes. One, classes which are completely focused towards competitive dancing and the second type are, classes which are more inclined towards dancing for physical activities and fun. Now, at the end of the day, it is the parent’s decision which type of dance classes they want to send their children in, but it is really important that the philosophy of the dance studio somewhat matches the philosophy of the parent.

Ask Your Friends for Recommendation

After you are done with deciding the reason, as to why you would like your child to go to dance classes, now is the time for you to search for one. With the increasing popularity of dance classes, there are many options that you can actually opt for. But, it is always better to take some recommendations and then choose one from them. Friends and families are the best ones to give recommendations. You can also talk to parents who have had their children enrolled in a dance school, about how the school is. Generally, it is always better to ask parents about the dance schools, because, can give you honest reviews about the dance schools their children are enrolled in.

Visit the Studio

After you get recommendations from different parents, make a short list of some of the dance schools that you are considering and then start visiting them. When you visit them, meet with the staff and if you can, meet with the instructors as well. Tell them about your philosophy, and if you see that the philosophy matches, then you have found the perfect school for your child. You may also talk to the owner, to know his/her take on competitive dancing. Also, ask the staff if there are any trial classes that your child can attain to make him/her familiar with how things are.

Attend Rehearsals

Visit the rehearsals of the year end concerts, of all the dance studios that you have shortlisted according to the recommendation. This will tell you a lot of things about the studio such as, the expertise of the dancers who are trained there, the costumes which they are wearing, the discipline between the children etc.

At the end, compare the prices of the further shortlisted dance schools from the rehearsals. This will help you in getting the lowest priced one, among the shortlisted dance studios. The Dance Shoppe in Ontario, is one of the best dance studio which trains children in a number of dance types such has, hip hop, jazz, contemporary and Ballad. Contact them to know more.