Undetected or untreated mold can cause serious damage to your health and property. When you notice a musty odor or black-green spots, you need to act swiftly. Mold spores multiply quickly and if not treated, it may spread to a substantial area in the building. And once it grows and infects a larger area, it becomes tricky to control it without seeking professional help.

Several thousand species of mold exist that can cause serious health issues. To prevent the problem from spreading, it is necessary to determine the primary cause of the problem. Only professional mold remediation specialists have the knowledge and experience to fix this problem. Unlike DIY procedure, mold remediation executed by professionals with the right gear can eliminate the toxic mold. But how can you find the right mold removal specialist?

Once you suspect mold in your home the next step is to start looking for the right mold mitigation professional. However, there are numerous mold removal contractors that claim to be qualified but fail to provide a satisfactory solution to this problem. To avoid hiring such incompetent contractors, it is important to do thorough research and choose a reliable company. Mold remediation is a full-fledged business which means not every professional is qualified to perform this task. If you want to hire a qualified mold remediation specialist, here are tips to find the right mold mitigation professional to undertake this crucial task.
License and Insurance

The mold remediation industry follows strict protocols that are set out by associations and organizations offering mold training certifications. The trustworthy professionals carry the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification, as well as an operating license. Before hiring any professional, check their industry license and insurance.

Evaluate the Reviews

You may seek the recommendation of friends and relatives but research is still important. Make a list of local mold removal companies and then shortlist names after verifying their reputation. You should look at their website and read reviews on business websites. The best companies proudly demonstrate testimonials, credentials of their employees, as well as industry associations.

Collect Multiple Quotes

The established and legit mold removal companies never hesitate in providing a free estimate to their clients. You should get quotes from at least three companies to choose the best option. Never make a rushed decision based on the lowest quote. While comparing the quotes, evaluate the timeline, warranty policy, and other services. The company you hire should not only remove mold but also dispose of it safely. The professional should secure the infected area to prevent spores from further spreading.

Get References

To make sure you hire the best company, ask the shortlisted contractors to provide you references for their past customers. To ensure whether the company’s previous clients are satisfied with the services, it’s best to speak to them directly. A credible mold damage restoration company will have several references. You can speak to these customers to ensure of the company live up to its promises. The mold removal professional will also take pride in showing you a portfolio of its previous projects.