Many people consider the task of cleaning the outside of their house as tiresome, but it is not if done with the right techniques. Let us imagine not keeping the exterior of your home clean. The rotten leaves will be blown by the winds to clog the gutters and downspouts; the dirt will stick to the windows and pathway of your house that will be hard to scrape off and many more. An unorganized exterior can decrease the curb appeal and value of your home in no time. If you don’t want the exteriors to appear dull with dirt and grime then using appropriate tools to clear it can be fairly simple.


If your house is made up of wood, bricks and stucco and requires a moderate cleaning session, then using a garden hose is the best method. For difficult stains ans sticky gunk, you must rely on pressure and power washing. Hard surfaces such as vinyl and hybrid materials can withstand pressure and power washing. No matter what method you choose, it must be sufficient enough to clean your house. Before cleaning the exteriors, you must prepare it.


 1) Prepare your house for cleaning-


Before you begin with the work, seal all doors and windows with duct tape so that the water or cleaning agents don’t go inside or damage the furniture. Besides, cover all the light fixtures, vents, and electrical outlets with plastic sheets. If you have a patio in your outside space, ensure that the furniture is covered or moved if any before cleaning the area.


Move all the heavy things and clear the space to make the cleaning part easy. Verify that kids and pets (if any) are inside the house if you are planning to use heavy equipment that could cause injuries to them.


2) Use soap and water to remove stains-


Inspect the areas of stains that could be easily removed using a soap and water mixture. For such stains, there is no need for power washing or garden hose; the stains could be removed using a scrub brush, water, and regular dishwashing soap. Scrub the stain until lifted.


3) Use an oxygen bleach solution to remove mildew-


During a high level of humidity in the atmosphere, molds and mildew can grow on the walls and other surfaces. If the molds and mildew grow more, they can be harmful to the skin and especially for the kids. So, it is important to get rid of the molds as soon as possible. Using oxygen bleach, water, and dishwashing liquid can solve the problem, but it must be handled with care.


4) Cleaning with a garden hose and pressure water-


If the exteriors of your house are in poor condition and can’t be cleaned with all the DIYs and tools, then hire pressure and power washing professionals who can with the help of the powerful force of water to remove the stubborn dirt and leave behind a clean and clear surface.