While popular for its many health benefits, coconut water can also be enjoyed with cocktails as it is a great mixer with drinks. Due to its great taste, coconut water goes well with numerous drinks. Also known for avoiding hangovers, coconut water is perfect in mixed drinks. It lends a subtle taste and does not overpower the flavour of the drink lending an exotic, tropical and refreshing touch to the cocktail.
Such cocktails are perfect for occasions in which one has to entertain many guests like birthday parties, weekend get-togethers with friends or just as a refreshing drink after a long day of work. Here are some delicious ideas for you to prepare a cocktail for yourself-

Coconut Margarita
A tequila based cocktail, this is one of the classics and coconut water adds a refreshing taste to it. It is very easy to make this cocktail and all you need is-
3 ounces of tequila Blanco, 1.5 ounces of Triple Sec, 1 mint leaf, ½ tablespoon of lime juice, 8 ounces of Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water, ice and salt to taste.
Blend all these together except for salt which should be laced on the rim of the glass. Pour into a glass and enjoy a cool coconut margarita!

Coconut Mimosa Twist
Mimosas make a great cocktail for chilling on weekends. And with a coconut twist, they will make an ideal choice for a warm late morning or early afternoon brunch. Simple to stir, one only needs-
A bottle of champagne, 250ml of Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water, 250ml of orange juice and a cup of orange slices.
In a pitcher, put the orange slices and drench them with the coconut water, juice and champagne and leave in the fridge to chill and serve.

Coconut water and Rum
Coconut water and Rum both have a tropical feel and make a lovely cocktail for a hot summer day. A few ice cubes, and they are ready to serve which makes them a perfect choice for serving friends or family at get-togethers since they take no time to prepare.
2 ounces of Golden Rum and 4 ounces of Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water with a few ice cubes is our recommendation.

Grace’s Sangria
For an outdoor lunch get together or evening gathering, one of the go-to drinks for people is the Sangria for its tropical punch flavours. Make sure that you ready your pitcher a couple of hours in advance as Sangria needs a little prep time to infuse all the wonderful flavours together.
In a pitcher, combine an orange slice, a lemon slice,, ½ cup of Triple Sec, ½ cup of lemon juice, ½ cup of brandy, a bottle of wine, 2 cups of Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water and 3 mint leaves.

Not only are these coconut water mixed drinks unique, refreshing and tasteful, they will also prevent the likelihood of a hangover. Coconut water is known for its hydrating properties only the lack of which is a primary cause of hangovers. Coconut water can help restore electrolytes and restore the anti-oxidants in one’s body which help in preventing a nasty hangover next morning. In fact it is highly recommended for one to end their night with a cup of coconut water.

Grace Coconut Water is nature’s refreshing and tasty thirst quencher with less sugar, calories, sodium, and chemicals than commercial beverages like soda, juice and sport drinks