Body jewelry is the ongoing fashion of beautifying one’s features these days. Most of us are still unaware of what type of threaded body jewelry is good for us. Body jewelry is categorized as threaded and unthreaded jewelry where threaded can be further classified into externally threaded jewelry and internally threaded jewelry. Captive rings and stud earrings form part of unthreaded jewelry while straight barbells, bent barbells, and circular barbells are associated with threaded ones. So before making the mind of body threading, it is important to know the difference between the 2 types to make the best decision.

Internally Threaded Body Jewelry

As implied by the name, internally threaded body jewelry has holes threaded internally to the barbell and the external threads hang outside the ball. The bars slide into the piercing and slides smoothly into the ball making it gentle for fresh piercings.

Externally Threaded body jewelry

In externally threaded body jewelry, the threads are attached outside the barbell and a good option to complement your body when the piercings are fully healed.

Internally Threaded versus Externally Threaded Jewelry

Internal body threading, being a costly method, is considered to be safer when compared to external threading. This is because the internally threaded jewelry causes a lesser amount of pain and can be removed when desired due to its light weight.

Internally threaded jewelry is not prone to contaminations of bacteria and other germs. The piercings ought to be clean and free from irritation. In externally threaded jewelry, the threads automatically get infected with bacteria when they come in contact with piercings. This is harmful as it may cause problems of itching and irritation in near future.

Further, internally threaded jewelry cannot be easily detached because it is made with subtle care which is not in the case of externally threaded body jewelry as they have greater chances of getting loosened up and falling apart. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that the internally threaded body jewelry is more durable than external ones. Using internally threaded body jewelry, it would not be wrong to say that longer our jewelry lasts, lesser we need to spend on its replacement.

Internal threads are considered to be best for new and tender piercings while external ones are better when piercings have healed up fully.

Internally threaded jewelry is gentle on fresh piercings as they avoid the chances of delicate tissues from getting scrapped due to sharp threads.

Externally threaded barbells are too easy to put them up together as many individuals find difficulty in locating the shaft inside the ball whereas the internally threaded barbell diminishes this problem by providing a small stud attached externally helping it to connect with the internally threaded shaft of the barbell.

Many professionals are adopting the methods of internally threaded body jewelry as appropriate size of needles with threaded ends can be easily used in evolving new techniques of this jewelry.