Counselling is a by far the most helpful way of helping oneself while going through an unpleasant time with respect to mental health. A counsellor’s job or task is to help others to help themselves. Normally people misinterpret counselling with advice giving. A counsellor should only give advice in certain or specific situations or under some kind of circumstances. Generally, for a counsellor to give advice is going against the principles of what counselling is about or intended to be. The core idea of counselling as a general rule of thumb is for the client to grow in him or herself and become self-sufficient as far as handling or managing current and future problems, not to become reliant on a counsellor or on anyone for that matter to make decisions for them (such as advice giving) which will only hinder or stalemate personal growth and resolution of problems.

Counsellors may not be as skilled or have specific expertise skills as somebody such as a psychologist who is trained in helping those with mental health problems, but they still do have a fairly large repertoire of tasks that they can use for helping to work with others. Most counsellors are renowned or have a reputation of being very warm-hearted people. It may be pleasantly surprising to discover some of the benefits in talking to a non-judgemental, empathic, attending, open-minded, honest or real person as a climate of such an environment in such cases can contribute to personal growth and/or other positive aspects that may be so fruitful in fighting or facing the battle of mental health issues.

One shouldn’t restrain from taking professional counselling as it may actually do wonders for an individual. If you know anyone who is going through an unpleasant mental health, then don’t take an extra minute to recommend them a good counsellor.

At Mcdowall Counselling & Consulting Group, we practice different therapeutic orientations depending on the client’s unique needs. We use short-term brief solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and/or a longer-term psychodynamic psychotherapy and psycho-educational approaches with our clients. In many cases, an integrative approach is used to provide service excellence to our clients. Regardless of the approach, our primary goal is to provide a positive therapeutic alliance that will foster long lasting change and growth in our clients.
We encourage our clients to give us feedback so that we may provide them with the best experience possible. We understand that creating a strong therapeutic alliance is essential for successful therapy. With this in mind, if you do not feel connected to your assigned therapist or you are not satisfied with the services provided, please inform our intake department. We will gladly listen to your feedback and address your concerns immediately. If needed, we will connect you with another therapist that will meet your needs. It is our sole intention to make sure our clients are happy and feel that they are getting the best treatment possible. For more information, refer to the website-