Organizing an event is not a cup of tea. The person and his crew have to look after the safety of attendees including contractors, staff, volunteers and public. It may seem easy at first when you are walking through the empty stadium, but once it is filled with the public, it becomes hard to manage the crowd without proper equipment and strategies.


Therefore, it becomes necessary to hire a company that offers a wide range of crowd control equipment. Before you contact a company that specializes in public safety solutions, make sure to read the steps that appear in the planning of every event-


1) Plan in Advance-


It is better to maintain a checklist of specific things that will help in crowd management. You alone cannot organize the entire event; therefore, hire volunteers and crew members to help you out. Consult these organizations for the success of your event without any unforeseen situation to occur-

  • Event Contractors
  • Security Staff
  • Venue Owners
  • Local Transport Providers
  • Emergency Service Providers


2) Assessing the Risk


If you are planning an event on a large scale, then it is better to evaluate the risk since attacks and malfunctioning can happen anytime. Even if your event doesn’t involve VIPs and probability of terror attacks, the swaying and surging of the crowd itself can lead to trampling and crushing. It is necessary to manage the motion of a large volume of the masses.


Depending upon the layout of the place, consider these factors-

  • Checkpoints near entry gates.
  • Deploying temporary fencing and barriers for emergency access routes.
  • Employing security guards at various points.
  • Ensuring that walkways are lit well.
  • Making use of signage to guide the crowd.
  • Installing CCTV and security camera systems at various locations to monitor the activities.


3) Use a Lot of Signage


It becomes challenging to guide everybody by giving a lot of answers; therefore, this problem can be solved by using signage. Putting up banners and hoardings and other signs can lead the attendees, thereby reducing the fuss. Here are specific signage’s that can help you through maintaining decorum-

  • Registration queues
  • Checkpoint queues
  • Washroom area
  • Smoking area
  • Restricted area
  • Exit and Entry points
  • Staff only rooms
  • Potential hazards

4) Demarcate Different Areas


Sometimes people don’t behave when they are in haste to get into the front. Therefore using barriers, ropes or stanchions can help them get into queues for reaching their seats, registration desks. It will help them to get a clear direction towards the main event and to stay away from the ones that are prohibited.


5) Hire Security Guards-


If you want your crowd to behave then hire security guards that can keep an eye on the agitators and can suspect any unpleasant situation. Having a team of security guards can deter many attackers from taking action. Guide the security guards to monitor and spread anything that is suspicious. They must ask the same from the public. They are trained men and carry the right equipment to deal with the agitators.