At the end of a long day, the most relaxing thing that you will welcome is a spa treatment. The range of services that you can find today are numerous and you can find anything from traditional methods to even more modern ones. Additionally, if you don’t want to go to a spa, there are also several options of DIY spa treatments.

Spas are not a modern invention and have been there for several years, since the time of Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Most basic spa treatments include a manicure, pedicure, massage, hair treatment, and even some mild makeup application. However today, there are also several options like aromatherapy, exfoliation, body wraps, and so many others that are an absolute treat for your body.

Modern spa treatments excessively use water in processes. This is why many treatments are based on hydrotherapy. This allows for a range of services from seaweed and mineral baths to water massages. There are also other services like steam services and saunas. Some spas even offer lesser known healing therapies like acupressure and Reiki. These trained professionals can also give you advice on home spa treatments.

Present day spa treatments-

  1. Aromatic Rejuvenation- this treatments targets the entire body. It begins with a gradual process of exfoliating the body following which the entire body is wrapped in anti-oxidants. The procedure concludes with an aromatherapy facial
  2. Aromatherapy Massage- this process is a massage using organic oils that are massaged into the skin of the body. This rejuvenates it and gives it a glow. The oils are also expected to affect your mind and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. The therapist you go to will choose the oils based on your body
  3. Therapeutic massage- this is nothing but a traditional Swedish massage that helps you relive all the stress in your body. This massage relaxes your muscles, improves your blood circulation, and relaxes your mind
  4. Hydrocolon Therapy- this particular treatment is used specifically to clean your colon. It removes all waste materials and toxins that have accumulated in the digestive system over time. The process involves allowing filtered water to flow through your colon and out using a tube and pump system. This is completely painless and detoxifies your digestive system. This in turn affects your skin and makes it glow, leaving you feeling lighter and healthier
  5. Healing Stone Therapy- this form of treatment originated in the East and follows the philosophy of keeping the energy centres or chakras always balanced. There are two processes that are combined in this treatment- hot stone massage using gem therapy, and aromatherapy
  6. Reflexology- this spa treatment is founded on the philosophy that the condition of your feet reflects the rest of your body. Therefore, this treatment begins with a foot massage, and then the whole body is “tuned up”. The therapist applies appropriate pressure on the sole of the foot and therefore induces positive energy in the rest of the body.
  7. Mud Wraps- this process begins with dry exfoliation of the skin. After this, the body is wrapped in mud that is combined with organic ingredients and minerals. This combination detoxifies the entire body
  8. Shiastsu is another lesser known spa treatment that is gradually gaining popularity. It is based on acupuncture and involves a licensed practitioner applying pressure to particular areas and spots on the body to relieve and open blocked energy pathways.