Living rooms are considered to be the main areas of the house where you unwind yourself, invite friends over coffee or watch the match with your family. A dull living room can be such a turn off to a beautiful house. Entering the house to discover an unorganized living area can make you think about various things that must be changed in your living place. But you are always afraid to make the changes since the living room has to walk the line between great style and utter comfort, which is not very easy.


Whether your living room requires a finishing touch or some major changes, here are some ideas that can create a space you will be proud to flaunt and happy to see when you come home.


1) Rug it up-


A huge velvety rug that can cover up most of the floor must be placed in the living room. A rug that feels comforting to the feet and can take up the front feet of the main furniture is ideal. Apart from placing furniture, you can decorate your living room by providing informal touches. Some people, especially teenagers, take the comfort to the next level by placing mattresses in the living room over rugs.


Mattresses are available in various sizes and materials. Buy a mattress that can blend with the rug; besides mattresses could be decorated with cushions to lounge on and relax.


2) Customize Your Shelving-


Sizeable customized shelving that can keep most of the stuff in its place can make a design statement in your living room. It can hold artistic objects, books, remote controls, keys and any other thing that you wish to keep. Floor to ceiling shelves works perfectly for a small-sized living room that can make your space look less cluttered.


3) Try a New Sofa Shape-


The shape of the sofas can set the tone of the area. The higher and structured ones reflect a formal look while lower and squishier sofas can be a more untamed vibe. Go on adding small modular sofas that are perfect for lounging or go that extra mile to incorporate bean bags that can be reconfigured to suit the activity. The advantage of assimilating bean bags is that you can rearrange them in any direction depending upon the events; for instance, arrange them in a semi-circle for a party or redirect them towards the home theatre on a movie night.


4) Style up Surfaces-


Mixing elements vertically, organically and flattened to the surface can coordinate the angles. This formula could be applied to books, console tables, shelves and decorative accessories. Here are some examples-


  • Vertical Arrangement- Vases, sculptures, books, framed art.
  • Organic Arrangement- Flowers, plants, driftwood, stones, shells.
  • Flat Arrangement- Books, trays, platters, textiles.


5) Repaint if Required-


To make your living room look cleaner and organized, you need to have a well-defined color scheme that blends with the rest of the decor. Start with getting rid of all the unwanted things in the room, then select a neutral background color, one feature color and a smaller accent hue.