With the fast-approaching holiday season, it is safe to say that you are in preparation to buy a multitude of new pieces to expand your wardrobe.

Nevertheless, purchasing clothes online has always been plagued by the issue of size accuracy. How do you determine that you have made the right decision in purchasing the price of clothing of a particular size?

Listed below is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through this issue so that you can make a more informed decision while buying clothes online.


Ascertain Your Measurements

As obvious as this sounds, it also happens to the most crucial determinant that can be the most easily misunderstood. To avoid this problem, you would have to make a note of your current measurements with as much accuracy as possible. Remember that your body measurements are susceptible to change even over a short period of time. This discrepancy could ultimately lead to you making a purchase for a rather ill-fitting piece of clothing despite being under the impression that you ordered the right size. Additionally, unlike the provisions of a physical store, there would be no way to try the clothing item in a trial room before making the purchase. In this scenario, you would have to obligatorily be conscientious of your own measurements. An efficient manner of determining your exact measurements would be to make an appointment with your local tailor or seamstress and have them draw up the most accurate measurements for you.


Check the On-site Size Charts

The next step that you would have to execute after having accurate measurements at your disposal would be to verify the size charts present on the website of the online store you have settled down on. A reputable online store would always have a page dedicated to it’s sizing details corresponding to the size of the bust, hips, and waist in a standard unit of measurement. You would have to gauge this chart against the measurements of your own body. Remember that fluctuations in this department are common: if you usually purchase a size M for your dresses, there might be a possibility that you would have to order a size S in accordance with the sizing guide on the company’s website.

In addition to doing that, be certain to also check the model’s measurement description on the page of the product you are considering to buy. This would be useful in determining the length of the item of clothing you would be buying. The height of the model would give you a veritable estimate of the length of the garment.

Check the Reviews

Finally, it is advisable that you scan through the available customer reviews pertinent to the product in question. These reviews would be vital determinants of the quality and sizing accuracy of the garment, as well as a repository of information that you would not have been acquainted with otherwise. For instance, the unfavorable reaction of the fabric upon washing would be a detail that will help you in making a more informed purchase. You would be able to recuperate information regarding the sewing quality and the hems as well. Apart from that, you would also be able to know if the item of clothing is true to its size, or if you would need to go up or down a size.


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