I know how hard it is to put so much efforts in losing weight, but your weight remains on the same scale. You might be confused that you aren’t losing weight anymore even though you aren’t eating junk and exercising enough.


The reason behind is when you cut on junk food and exercise daily; your body reduces the fat of the calorie-filled food you had, and the weight becomes stable to a point where it drops no further even if you take the diet. The reason behind the stability of weight is the choice of food products and exercise.


For instance, if you have a bulky body, lifting weights in the gym every day and skipping abbs section and cardio won’t give you a flat belly. Moreover, hopping on just protein-rich diet will mess up with your internal system and metabolism.


If you really want to see the results, you must consult a weight loss specialist who can guide you upon your mistakes and present you with the right diet and correct exercises for your body. Besides working on the diet chart and gym, here are some of the weight loss solutions you must work on to see a change.


1) Track your food intake- Tracking your food intake daily is another point in your weight loss strategy. When you limit the calories per day, it can actually save you from overeating. There are apps online which can calculate your calories depending upon the weight, height and work out things your feed in it. Similarly, you can track the size of portions you eat daily using such apps.


2) Set reasonable goals in reasonable time frames- Do not grasp heavy exercises in the beginning only to fail; instead, set reasonable goals that are easy. Doing so will boost up your confidence and you will gradually develop a habit of working out for reasonable hours a day. For instance, set a goal for an early morning walk for forty minutes daily.


3) Review your mistakes- It is better to review your mistakes in the past that you had been making while starting your weight loss journey. You must read out your mistakes to your weight loss consultant so that she/he can offer you solutions.


4) Eat and exercise regularly- Eating healthy meals regularly can regulate your blood sugar levels and keep your metabolism working rightly. When you skip your meals, especially the breakfast, you tend to eat larger portion of food during the lunchtime, it can create a reverse effect on your body, and you may experience a stableness in your weight. Therefore, eat small portions and exercise regularly.


5) Prioritize greens- As much as exercising is important your body, so is the right quality and type of food. It is better if you skip unhealthy fats, artificial sugars and high caloric food and stick to food rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins such as green leafy vegetables, salads, soups and smoothies.


6) Get enough sleep- Sleep plays an important role in relaxing your body and mind after the workout. Getting enough sleep is essential for improving your body cycles.