With the increasing number of electronics and gadgets, power strips and surge protectors have become a necessity these days. Whether it’s your home or office, there is a need for multiple wall outlets to power several devices. However, there are a limited number of power outlets which makes it difficult to plug in multiple devices a time.

The outlets in your house or office can accommodate a few important appliances such as a TV or refrigerator. But what if you want to connect more than two devices at once like the charger of your laptop and mobile? In such a situation, a power strip comes to rescue. This extension block makes it possible to powers multiple electronic devices from a single socket, all at a time.

Most probably, you already know what a power strip is. But do you know what a surge protector is and how it is different from a power strip? If you can’t distinguish between a power strip and surge protector, here we are going to clear your doubts. In this post, you’ll get to know what makes a surge protector different from the power strip.
What is a Power Strip?

A power strip is an electronic device which can expand the number of devices you can plug into a single wall outlet. It is basically an extension board with a block of electrical sockets and a cable. The plug of the strip goes into your wall outlet to provide power to multiple electrical devices or electronic gadgets all at once. This means multiple outlets on the power strip share a single electrical wall outlet and a male electric plug. There is a flexible chord at one end and several sockets, on the other hand, to accommodate multiple devices at a time. This device makes it convenient to power up several electronic gadgets and appliances simultaneously but it is vulnerable to overloading or other risks.
What is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is similar to a power strip but smarter than it. A surge protector provides dual benefits as it enables the user to power multiple electrical devices simultaneously, as well as provide protection from sudden voltage fluctuations and power surges. A surge protector often looks similar to a power strip but all power strips are not surge protectors. This means that a surge protector acts as a power strip, as well as blocks excess voltage above the certain safe threshold limit.

As you might know, most of the electronic gadgets are vulnerable to power spikes or power outages. In case of sudden power fluctuation, if your devices are connected to a surge protector, they are protected against the power spikes.

Difference between Power Strip & Surge Protector

If you want to distinguish between a power strip and surge protector, you need to take a look at the device. If you find the words “surge protector” or “protection” or “suppression” written anywhere on the device, it’s a surge protector. Also, surge protectors are rated on the basis of the number of Joules of energy they can absorb. You can find all this information by flipping the device over to read through the fine print on the back.