This is the time of the year, when most of us will go for the yearly dental exam. But, have we ever wondered what goes on in the x-rays that our dentist takes, and what really goes on inside our mouth. Have we ever pondered upon the fact that, what all can be wring with our mouth? So, in this article, let us see, what exactly is your dentist looking for when you go for your yearly routine appointments.


Often, our dentists say that not to eat chocolates and sugary substance in excess. Why? Cavities or dental caries, as they are named, are caused by bacteria and acids. The bacteria itself emanates acid, which causes the enamel of the teeth to dissolve. These bacteria which emanates the acid, mainly feeds themselves from carbohydrates, which are available in excess in sugary substances and chocolates. Not only chocolates and other carbohydrates, but also other acid containing beverages such as cold drinks, soda, vomiting and even acid reflux can enhance the chances of cavities. On the action of these acids, the enamel area of the teeth, starts becoming soft and then dissolves away. At some point of time, the hole becomes too big, and thus, it has to be filled.

Now, while you visit a dentist, they have several ways to check your teeth for cavities. They can take an x-ray of your mouth area, and then they may search for places where the density is less. They may also do a visual check, by giving air to the mouth, and check whether any of the teeth is turning in to a chalky color which is generally a symptom of cavities. Dentists also have access to instruments that will find holes in the teeth.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is one of the most common things that can happen to one’s teeth. The end result of a periodontal disease is the loss of bone which eventually means teeth. When you visit a dentist, he will run a full periodontal checking to make sure that you do not have a periodontal disease. He will measure the length of your gum. Then he will measure the distance between the gum and your teeth. If any root surface is exposed above the gum area, then the teeth will be checked for mobility and bleeding. The level of tartar and plaque will also be assessed by the dentist.


The third and the most important thing that the dentist check when you go for a routine test, is for cancer. In this test, you might be told to stick out your tongue, and then the dentist will light up his torch, and check area of your mouth for suspicious lesions. Dentists are trained to find out suspicious lesions that might be the reason for oral cancer. In addition to these tests, which are part of your dental routine test, you may also opt for extra additional cancer tests, which can be an important addition. Since, in cases of cancer, early detection can save life.

Why is this Important?

A thorough routine assessment is necessary, both for your physical health and also for your dental health. A routine procedure often make sure that you are healthy, and avoid painful and costly procedures. Problems in mouth, like other things, do not get away with time. On the contrary, it gets worse. So, it’s better to undergo treatment every year.


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