From the historical to the here-and-now buildings, windows have been a crucial part. Windows enhance your curb appeal and let you enjoy a gorgeous view with the comfort of sitting inside in your home.

If a building wouldn’t have any windows, there will no way for warm sunlight and fresh air to let in and the whole premises would rather feel like a suffocating prison. The mere imagination of the situation is scary, isn’t it?

Whether you think about it or not the windows play a great role in enhancing the aesthetical appearance of your home and are indeed the best ways to connect to the outer world and keep an eye on your home’s safety and security.

Selecting the right kind of exterior window style is like finding the missing puzzle piece that can complete your house design perfectly. However, with plentiful designs and types available in the market, the decision can be challenging and time-consuming. So, look at these useful tips to choose the appropriate one for your home –

#1 Focus on Your Home’s Architectural Style

Every home has a certain type of architectural style that makes it unique from other houses in the neighborhood. So, the first step is to define whether you want to exhibit traditional or contemporary feels. Usually, the modern buildings are installed with floor to glass ceiling windows and traditional homes have classic diamond-shaped mullions. Hence, choose the windows that complement your home’s architectural style.

#2 Assess the Purpose of Your Exterior Windows

While the basic function of the exterior windows is to let in the flow of air and natural sunlight, many reputable designers use them as doorways as well. For instance, slider glass windows can be used as exit towards pool or entrance to the porch. Sometimes, they can be used as ornaments in the room to oomph up the design factor. Therefore, you need to define what purpose your windows will serve and then start exploring the variety.

#3 Pick the Right Paint Color Palette

Searching for the perfect exterior palette can be often challenging. For better clarity and easy decision making, look to neighboring homes and outdoors. It will give you an inspiration to what colors you can use on your window frames. Match it with the trim color or work with two accent colors.

#4 Consider the Amount of Ventilation Required

Attractiveness and health of the house have to be balanced. The most essential purpose of the windows is to increase the air ventilation for healthy living and it cannot be understated at any cost. However, the degree of ventilation preferred by people can vary and hence, can use a combination of fixed and operable exterior windows.

#5 Look for Energy Efficient Options

Windows are also responsible for heat loss in the houses and for a drastic increase in the utility bills. So, when choosing new windows or replacing your existing ones, pick the most energy-efficient windows that you can afford. This will help you bring out your home’s personality without spending a fortune on energy consumption.