The diversification of food in today’s world has led to people from every continent being a witness to the culture and cuisine of the others. The same goes for one of the most diverse and expansive cuisines in the world, the Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is renowned for its versatility and widespread culinary options for people with all tastes and palate preferences. There is hardly a kind of flavor that is not incorporated within the bounds of the Indian cuisine. This makes it a favorite in many countries, especially in America and in Europe.

However, what most people are unaware of is the fact that Indian cuisine necessitates its own table manners. The etiquette that the Indian people follow while eating is completely different from the Occidental table manners. This leads to a great deal of confusion and embarrassment if you are not familiarized with these etiquettes before you dine in an Indian restaurant.

For this purpose, the following is an enumeration of the major etiquettes and table manners that you would be expected to take into consideration when you are dining in an Indian restaurant.


Cutlery Is Not Mandatory
One of the noted points that you would know this is that Indian people do not usually use cutlery while eating. Nevertheless, a number of cutlery is used instead to serve the portions on the plates of the guest. Consuming food by hand is one of the fundamental markers of the Indian cuisine and thereby you would have to make a note that it is not, in fact, rude or incomprehensible to use your hands to eat. In fact, it is much appreciated and you would be able to indulge in diverse experience while doing so. However, you also have to be cautious about not making a mess while eating with your hands. When you are using your hands to eat, make sure that you are only using the fingers and not any part of the palm of your hand.


Using Your Hands
Items such as Naans and Roti and other kinds of Indian bread are usually eaten by hand. Keep in mind that there is practically no other way of consuming the Indian bread, which is the reason why you would need to use your hands while consuming them. Do not fall into the trap of trying to eat your Naan with knife and fork as it would only be inconvenient and embarrassing on your part. Instead, tear the Roti or the Naan into small bits and dip it into the accompanying gravy in order to consume it.


The Right Is Essential
Now that we have mentioned that eating by hand is a common Indian custom, it needs to be clarified that you can only use your right hand to eat. As a matter of fact, it is considered extremely rude and offensive to use your left hand while eating Indian cuisine. In Indian culture, eating using the left hand is considered insensitive and unclean. This is the reason why you would have to use only your right hand when you are consuming an Indian dish.

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