Molds and mildew are everywhere, right in the air we breathe to the place we live. Even though the process of decay is essential, or else we wouldn’t have food and medicines like cheese and penicillin. But uncheck deterioration of attics can result to not just structural damage but health damage too. And like they say that an ounce of prevention is way better than a pound of cure, it, therefore, is vital to take control of such decays before the situation turns worse. However, before you take control of the condition, it is essential to figure out where they are or can be. Here is a list of places where you can find mold in your home.


This is very strange, but like you already know molds find moisture places to grow, and your front-loading washing machine is one such place as the gasket around the door tends to be wet for some time after the wash is complete.


Who knew that molds can even grow on window seals. Condensation provides moisture in window seals that further helps mold grow.


Never forget to check your refrigerator drip pans as it collects moisture under your fridge and help molds grow in there.


The chimney is another place where you can find mold as the water and dirt that the chimney accumulates often results in the growth of mold.


Basements are one of the most common places to find mold, as it is a space below the ground. Hence they are damp naturally. Further, the ventilation is not quite enough, so the mold tends to proliferate. So look for basement mold remedies.


Roof leaks are often skipped, however, if the attic is not well ventilated like your basement, then mold can grow without your knowledge.


The bathroom is another common place for mold to occur because of its humid and leaky properties.


Wet dishes provide the apt environment for molds to thrive on. Make sure you properly dry all dishes to prevent mold formation.



Carpets may get wet, and when it does, then the water gets soaked to the padding and floor below. Your carpet may dry at the top, but that doesn’t mean the padding or flooring below is dry too. This situation is dangerous as not even 24 hours, and molds can start to grow.

Molds are dangerous and can sometimes be invisible to naked eyes. Hence, try to discover signs of mold in the places mentioned above. It is crucial to detect mold as soon as possible as it can cause severe damage to not only your house but your health as well.

The most important reasons for molds to grow is moisture. So cut humidity as much as possible from your house. Seek the help of a professional mold removal company to keep your home moisture-free. It is wise to check your home everywhere for mold, especially areas containing any of the problems listed above.