Buying fine jewellery is important. The decision is just like purchasing any big-ticket items like a car or expensive kitchen appliance. You have to pay attention to quality, style, and the way it is marketed or sold. The judgment can be a little challenging if you have an untrained eye, especially when there are many emotions involved.

However, the complexity can be resolved with the jeweler you trust. He can educate you about diamond quality, jewellery settings, and more and also describe the steps to select the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé. Now, if you are wondering about the way to reach such a jeweler, take help of these questions –

#1 – How long have you been in the business?

Longevity in jewellery business is quite a thing. It speaks for the credibility and trust people have in the transactions and products. So, you must look for stores that have been around for at least more than five years. Don’t fall for the false claims of experience as jewellery businesses come and go. To keep your investment safe, you want someone who is there for the next few years to fulfil the warranty.

#2 – Do you manufacture your own rings?

Handmade diamond jewellery is not only great in terms of quality but also durability. Individuals that have spent years perfecting the art of making different jewellery pieces are supposed to be masters of their fields. Though the designs they curate aren’t mass-produced but have their uniqueness and stand the test of time. So, don’t hesitate to ask your jeweler where the ring was made.

#3 – Where is the diamond sourced?

It is always good to know whether the diamond you are buying is responsibly sourced. By doing that, you can ensure that integrity has been maintained throughout and quality is the best in the world. This is where the grading report plays a crucial role. It provides every little detail about the diamond that is not assessed by the human eye. It assures you that you are getting what you have paid for, and no malicious intent is involved.

#4 – What kind of warranty do I get?

It is natural to get swayed away by the sparkle of diamonds you see at the store. However, you have to hold back yourself and keep a constant remembrance that the jeweler stands behind the quality of his work and offer you sufficient warranty in case your ring loses diamonds or calls for basic repairs due to regular wear and tear.

#5 – Do you provide any other service?

Reputable diamond jewelers offer a wide range of services to the customers who purchase with them. Some have in-house gemologists to find the best stone for your style, and some offer help with repair, resize, or post-purchase cleaning. You can even get custom design rings that inspire and even get insurance coverage along. So, inquire whatever interests you and then make your final call.