Throwing a bachelor party is in trend these days. Friends and family of the groom throw this party to celebrate his remaining days as a bachelor. Near ones try their best to make it the best day of the groom’s life. When it comes to the menu of the bachelor’s party, it rarely consists of formal meals or home-cooked food. Most of the people prefer food that can complement a glass of beer.

If you are also planning to host a bachelor party or will host the one in the future, then remember to choose the food items that taste good and are easy to eat. Also, make sure that guests feel full throughout the night.

Now, to help you with planning food items, here we are with this article. The following is the list of food ideas that can impress your guests and turn your party into a memorable one.


  1. Pizza – Who minds having a pizza? Obviously, no one! Moreover, pizza is not at all costly and can serve many people at a time. When ordering the pizza, make sure you count the number of people and order for the party size pizza only. Remember to ask for different topping on different sections of the pizza. In case you are going to eat at the restaurant, then order several large pizzas with different toppings. You can easily find pizza places that serve complimentary garlic breads, French fries, and salads. It will add up on as another dish.


  1.  Jumbo Submarine Sandwich – Many people love having a sandwich with drinks. So consider serving your guests with a submarine sandwich. Moreover, they will full after having it. If you have time to cook, then you can prepare submarine sandwiches at home. Otherwise, you can order them from a nearby restaurant. In case you are preparing them at home then you need large sized bread. You will also need sliced cheeses, meats, lettuce, and various vegetables to make a delicious sandwich. Either you can cut the sandwich into pieces of equal size, or you can even keep them on the table and let guests cut their pieces.


  1. Barbecue food items – Any bachelor party is incomplete without barbecue dishes. The aroma of the BBQ food will give you the feeling that yes, you are at a bachelor party. Various barbecue food items that you can include in your menu are sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs, and fish. Side dishes can be pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw, steamed vegetables, French fries, mashed potatoes, or corn and beans. Preparing BBQ food is an art. So, you can hire BBQ catering services to add some flavorsome barbecue dishes to your bachelor party’s menu.


  1. Finger Foods – As they are readily available and easy to eat while moving around, so they are a must for any party. They can participate in other activities while enjoying quick snacks. Ideas for finger food items include jalapeno poppers, cheese balls, pizza bagels, etc.