Have you always fantasized those tall revolving doors that make you feel like you have stepped into a different world? Well, this wonderful invention dates back to 1888 when it was patented as a ‘storm-door structure’ and first installed as a wooden door at a Times Square restaurant in 1899.

Even a century after, the practical benefits of these doors remain the same. Consisting of a series of 3 or 4 panels/wings, you are able to create an enclosed cylindrical structure in a way that a door is never really open and there is ample protection against wind, rain, and noise.

Revolving doors have proven to generate excellent annual energy savings in comparison to a normal swing door and bring down the heating costs for workplaces. Moreover, they allow more people to enter and exit quickly and also minimize collisions between them.

It comes as no surprise people have started considering them as a design statement, and a means to enhance the safety and security of their businesses. Following are some amazing benefits of revolving doors:

  1. Achieve a Stable Indoor Temperature

Heat and cold control are the major reasons for which businesses are inclined towards the purchase of revolving doors. With the innovative designs of these doors, there is hardly any space left for the air to escape.

That way, buildings are able to keep up the temperature inside without over-utilizing HVAC units and save huge energy expenses at the end of the year.

  1. Ensure Safe Movement of People

Every business aims at reducing costs while maximizing earnings. That is why the efficient movement of employees and visitors becomes a priority. Usually, the problem with regular doors is that people get stuck when trying to enter or exit the building together.

Having the right door for a heavy flow of traffic is essential and revolving doors do an excellent job in it. They take up less space and can successfully turn into a safety and security perk.

  1. Give Strong First Impressions

The entry door is the first thing that clients or guests visiting your business premises get to see. People generally form their opinions of a business based on the façade looks. Thus, by installing revolving doors you can make your structure seem ultra-stylish and portray that your organization is professional and well-respected.

The best part is you can convert revolving doors into your brand ambassadors by customizing them with your logos and posters of new launches, and schemes for people walking-in or passing by.

  1. Create Better Customer Experience

If you are operating a retail store, it is crucial to create a positive impact on your customers by giving them the best experience of their lifetime. A great way to achieve your aim is by allowing them to enter and exit your store seamlessly despite carrying many bags.

Also, if you think about your differently-abled customers (with crutches or wheelchairs), you can provide them the much-needed comfort and easy navigation with revolving doors.