With holidays approaching, the demand for seasonal employees is expected to rise in the coming month. In fact, it is during this time every year that managers employ temporary labor to keep up with the work and stay on track with the work schedule.

Unlike full-time businesses, many seasonal retailers earn their livelihood for the year during these months and hence, require extra employees for seasonal demands. However, the key is to hire the right talent at the right positions.

So, if you have a lot of projects to handle or a majority of your employees are going on a vacation this year-end, short-term hiring is your go-to option to keep up the continuity of your work. Here is why temporary hiring can be a good idea for your organization:

  1. It offers flexibility in hiring staff

Having an option to hire seasonal employees helps an organization to adjust the varying needs of the workforce. The companies can increase or decrease the number of hirings as required without dealing with a low-morale of the laid-off employees.

When you think that your company needs workers for shorter time duration, it is better not to hire new full-time employees as it will be an additional burden for the rest of the year.

  1. It is far more cost effective than making a permanent hire

When you hire seasonal employees, you aren’t liable to offer them the list of benefits that you would give to full-time employees. Temporary labor is usually paid hourly wages with very few benefits. Moreover, when you hire them through an employment agency, the burden of advertising, screening, and testing the skills of candidates is transferred to the agency.

Plus, there no overtime policies applicable that makes your hiring less expensive and you can direct that money towards something more fruitful and beneficial for your organization.

  1. It is less risky

Getting new workers on board is always risky for an organization. There may be workers who don’t perform optimally after they get hired or don’t have the actual skills to fit well with their roles. So, to cut your time, money, and effort on training such incompetent candidates, you can simply request a new temp employee from your staffing agency.

An organization does not commit anything to seasonal employees (apart for their wages), so, it can unhesitantly ask the underperforming candidates to leave any time.

  1. It gives access to new and meaningful talent in the job market

At times, an organization may need specific skill sets to fulfil certain objectives or execute projects which might be outside the KRAs of your existing team. Having a bunch of specialized temporary employees helps you streamline the production.

It also helps you fill an urgent job position for the time being and keep things moving till you find an appropriate permanent staff.