Windows play a significant role in improving the environment of your house. With the cosy sunrays hitting the interiors, you can bask in the sun and read your books in natural light. During chilly winds, windows can be shut down to keep the cold away and preserve the inner heating.


If you had been paying attention only to the windows of your main floor, then I must tell you that your basement windows are equally important and need the same attention.


If you inspect your basement carefully, you can see the signs of wear and tear on the basement windows. Do you know that your basement windows were installed during the time your house was constructed and since then you never paid attention to its maintenance or replacement? If what I just said is true, then its high time to indulge in basement window replacement.


Here are some signs that your basement windows are old and weak and need to be changed-


Presence of moisture and condensation- If you see dampness around basement walls and experience exceeded levels of humidity in your basement, your windows are at fault. The cracks, crevices and failed seals can let the moisture in, which can ultimately dampen the organic material present in your basement.


If you do not replace old windows and neglect the scenario for longer, it can aid the growth of molds. Molds can be dangerous for human health and can spread to other places in your basement faster, eating away your valuable material. Who can handle such a loss? Therefore, take action immediately.


The intrusion of pests- Pests, rodents and critters are the worst enemy of your home. They can cause damages, spoil food, eat away furnishings, pipes and clothes. They even spread germs and bacteria through their droppings that can lead to serious health issues. They usually look for easy entry points during winters to get inside. Windows are one of them.


If your basement has old, worn-out and damaged windows with cracks, loose hinges, they become an excellent route for rodents to take. Therefore, invest in new windows made up of inorganic material like aluminium and vinyl and get rid of pests.


Appearance of air gaps and infiltration- Gaps and cracks can appear with time, especially in windows with a single glass pane. These gaps can let the airflow in and out of the basement and affect the energy efficiency of your place. If you are planning to replace your basement windows, then go for double glass pane as one pane sticks to the frame incorporated in the wall while other can keep the air intact inside, not letting it to escape.


Experiencing faulty window operation- There could be two main reasons for faulty windows- low maintenance and old windows. You can notice your windows having rusted bolts and nuts, withered away polish and ruptured material causing unevenness in the frames. Secondly, your windows can make grinding noises when open or closed. These are some of the prominent signs for you to replace your windows.